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The Bestiary was a feature that was removed early on in Pikspore. It has brief documents of some creatures in the game.

Unused notes

Page 1

Dwarf Brown Bulborb entry

A small and weak creature with a huge appetite. Actually a species of Breadbug.

Sheargrub entry

Females of this species are feeble and harmless, while the males are voracious predators. They hate water!

Glowling entry

A rather shy creature that mimics a Glowcap fungus. Sits dormant and releases harmless spores.

Red Bulborb entry

A big and hungry monster that loves to snack on Pikmin. A nocturnal species, it awakes only if disturbed.

Page 2

Mamuta entry

A docile and friendly species that loves flowers. Though evolved to respect their presence, it used to smash Pikmin into the ground, planting them.

Fiery Blowhog entry

A plump white creature that expels a volatile liquid that ignites upon contact with air. It bucks when provoked.

Amphituber entry

Froglike beasts that jump onto potential prey. There seems to be little difference between species.

Dweevil entry

Terrestrial crustaceans that have a penchant for carrying large objects on their backs and mimicking them.

Page 3

Burrowing Snagret entry

A dangerous bird-snake that can devour three soldiers at a time. It hops on its single clawed foot.

Puffy Blowhog entry

A blimp-like beast that flies using hydrogen. It can expel air with extreme force.

Spotty Bulbear entry

A terrifying diurnal grub-dog that roams the region freely. It will attack Pikmin without provocation!

Honeywisp entry

Dangerous relatives of this docile creature carry dangerous fireballs instead of eggs.