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Family Sporovid

The Glowling is a species of small, bioluminescent sporovid.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin 2... Again?

What if it was another story...?
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Blower Pot.

In Pikmin 2... Again?, the Glowling is mentioned in Olimar's notes for the Gloomstool, stating how every Glowling that did not evolve into Gloomstools died out. It is never seen in-game, due to the Startle Spore's presence.

In Pikmin: Decayed Leaf

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"You… your evil subordinate, your greedy boss, and this invasive Pikmin infestation will all die here TODAY!!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Decayed Leaf, a fanon game created by Soundwave.
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Glowling The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Aspergilla mimicllumina
Family Sporovid
Carry weight 1
Max. carriers 1
Seed worth 1
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 1
Attacks None
GAH! Not even the Glowcaps are safe! – The ship, upon discovering the Glowling

The Glowling is an enemy in Pikmin: Decayed Leaf. Resembling a Common Glowcap, the creatures are large, slender mushrooms of a red or light blue coloration and give off a bright light that illuminates their surroundings. However, unlike actual Glowcaps, Glowlings have numerous small legs at the bottom of their stalks which resemble roots. These can only be seen once the Glowling has uprooted out of the dirt.

Glowlings will remain idly rooted by other glowcaps of their coloration. Once approached or touched, however, it will immediately burst from the ground, sending Pikmin touching it flying away from it. The Glowling will then scurry around the area of its origin. Glowlings cannot harm or attack Pikmin in any way, but they do serve as a form of light. This form of light is not as good as a regular Glowcap since the Glowling is constantly moving. Once the enemy isn't being pursued, it will return to its root point and burrow back into the ground.

Glowlings should not be attacked considering they could possibly be the only source of light in a cave. It can be incredibly difficult to not accidentally vanquish a Glowling, as they can easily be killed in two hits. They may also wander off of a ledge, into a pit, or into an explosion. Glowlings are enemies that need to be protected as they are of use.

In Overlord mode, Glowlings will die in one hit and are much more clumsy.


  • P3 Data file icon.png Data file #1: You can kill a Glowling, but why would you want to?

Olimar's notes

Glowlings are slim imposters of the Glowcap family. Due to how frail they are, they have decided to use mimicry to avoid getting consumed by virtually all predators. Also like Glowcaps, they have a natural source of Hocotatium 111 inside of them which they are constantly pumping out to give out a bright glow. Their legs act as roots to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Louie's notes

This slender insect makes as a good topping on pizza! Side effects may include glowing veins, hallucinations, dementia, manic episodes, and constant shaking.

President’s notes

I appreciate this small mushroom leading a path out of caves with its bright light! Except for that one time when it led us right off a ledge. We don't talk about that.

Overlord's thoughts

I will admit, it's really funny seeing these guys clumsily scramble away on their dozens of tiny legs. Sometimes they'll accidentally trip over a pebble and it'll send me into a laughing fit. Am I a bad guardian?

In Pikspore

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikspore, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Glowling The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Aspergilla luminescii
Family Sporovid
Caves Scorch Cavern
Carry weight 2
Max. carriers 4
Seed worth 2
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 2
Attacks None

The Glowling is a smaller member of the sporovid family in Pikspore that mimics the Common Glowcap. It is the same size as a Puffstalk, except the Glowling is much thinner. Glowlings can often be found by Common Glowcaps with their three root-like legs buried in the ground. When a leader or a Pikmin bumps into one while it is disguised, it will jump from the ground, startled, and attempt to flee. Glowlings are easy to defeat and may drop sprays, nectar, or black nectar upon death.