Shaft of Slugs

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A tree climb located in the Cloaking Bush. It is the second dungeon available there, but is the area's hardest and most challenging dungeon of all. It also has a hard new boss on the final story. The dungeon is a fair ways off from the landing site. One must follow the first path in the clearing to its end. There are a few tough enemies on the way, but nothing too bad. The Reverbrance Charm is found behind this dungeon also. Its interior is mostly green-and-blue metal plates that make up its floor and with walls of wood. It is normally quite dark or dim on sublevels but a strange blue aura appears to emenate from the ground along with tiny flying lights, most likely some type of insect.


Ship's comments

Brzzt! Krrrzzt! Eww! My mucous detectors are going haywire from the readings I am picking up! Whatever is inside that hollow tree secretes a powerful mucogen! How disturbing! Frrrzzzt! Ugh! I should have known that we would inevitably find ourselves in a situation like this! I think that I will have to power down my sensors. If not I could suffer from sensory overload!


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Poison
  • Rock Slides
  • Bomb Rocks
  • Land Mines
  • Blue Smoke



  • Ivy
  • Mushroom
  • Bluebell (Dormant)
  • Figwort
  • Figwort (Dormant)
  • Pitcher Plant


  • Little Giant
  • Disguiser
  • Sportive Inducer
  • Mass Flavourizer
  • Unimportant Paper
  • Ancient Depiction
  • Flawless Flower
  • Feeble Fruit
  • Depictionary
  • Verbal Guide
  • Highly-Encrypted Message
  • Binding Force
  • Jolly Utensil
  • Stripy Sheet
  • Awkward Position
  • Careless Dozer
  • Spinal Cord
  • Odd Oddness
  • Voltage Monitor
  • Permanent Yellowizer
  • Eerie Gaze
  • Holy Cow
  • Galoping Grace
  • Tropical Notifier
  • Lost Messenger
  • Bilingual Explainer
  • Culture Enrichment
  • Advertizing Binder
  • Fiery Destroyer
  • New Life
  • Pelagic Behemoth
  • Jade Germinator
  • Connector (Dropped by Lesser Water Slime)