Starting Hole

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Starting Hole
Sublevels 2
Time limit N/A
Red Pikmin 30 Ultra-bitter spray 0
Purple Pikmin 0 Ultra-spicy spray 1
White Pikmin 0 Ultra-sour spray 0
Yellow Pikmin 0 Ultra-sweet spray 0
Blue Pikmin 0
Green Pikmin 0
Black Pikmin 0
Cyan Pikmin 0
Bulbmin 0

Starting Hole is a cave that can be played in PikSpore's challenge modes. It is the very first and is also automatically available for play. It is an easy, simple dungeon that can be completed quickly. Clearing it will unlock Leafy Den and Work Together.

Sublevel 1


This sublevel is very easy, only populated by a few Dwarf Red Bulborbs. The Ship will tell you that you must obtain a key to proceed to the next sublevel. There are two treasures besides the key.

Sublevel 2


A little harder than before, this sublevel contains a Red Bulborb. It has ingested the Key and will only release it if defeated. Be careful with your Pikmin and you should get through with little-to-no Pikmin loss. This time however, the Key will open up a geyser that must be activated by attacking it with Pikmin. Enter it and escape the easy cavern. There are two extra treasures.