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Ultra-spicy spray is a red spray that can be obtained by gathering ten ultra-spicy berries from Burgeoning Spiderworts, or finding a concentrated dose. When used, any Pikmin in the squad, regardless of distance, will temporarily adopt a special appearance, become more efficient at their tasks, walk and attack at a faster pace, have a higher attack power, and in Pikmin 3, bloom into the flower stage as well. While the spray's effect can be extremely useful in many situations, caution should be observed, as spicy Pikmin die from elemental hazards faster than unsprayed Pikmin. The effects of ultra-spicy spray typically wear off after thirty to forty seconds have elapsed. Spraying an already spicy Pikmin with ultra-spicy spray resets the duration of the spray.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin SP

Pikmin SP
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Ultra-spicy spray, in Pikmin SP, is first discovered at Bramble Woods, as one of the five available types of spray. When used on Pikmin, it doubles their movement and attack speed for sixty seconds. Obtaining a dose of ultra-spicy spray requires collecting ten ultra-spicy berries from Burgeoning Spiderworts bearing them, finding one from eggs, or elsewhere.