Swamped Cave

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Swamped Cave
Location Lake of Despair
Sublevels 4
Hazards Acid

The Swamped Cave is a cave that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. The area that it appears in is the Lake of Despair. It is located under a pool of acid and is blocked off until Lost Cabin is completed. It is 4 floors deep and it's only hazard is acid. It holds 3 Hocotate files.

Sublevel 1

A typical maze-like floor. There lots of pools of water, but luckily some have lily pads on them, so you can use those to carry your non-blues across.

Sublevel 2

This floor has no hazards. Many enemies populate the area. The way to the next floor is blocked by a stone wall. To break it, you need to find some Bomb rocks that are scattered around the floor.

Sublevel 3

A large circular room. It has lots of hiding places because 2 Spotty Bulbears roam the area. The way to the next floor is in the middle of the room. One of the Spotty Bulbears holds a Hocotate File.

Sublevel 4

This floor has two Violet Candypop Buds. The room to the north is a large arena where the Waterwraith is. When it's defeated, it drops a Hocotate File.