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The Hocotate Freight Pikmin Training Center, known also as the HFPTC, or simply the PTC, is where new employees of Hocotate Freight learn how to grow and control Pikmin. Two training centers exist: one is on Hocotate and the other is on the Planet of the Pikmin.

On Hocotate

The Pikmin Training Center on Hocotate is a dome at the Hocotate Freight Headquarters. Its interior simulates the environment of the Pikmin Planet but without oxygen, which is deadly to Hocotatians. The focus of the training done there is gathering Pikmin, battling using Pikmin, and preventing Pikmin deaths. It does not use real Pikmin or any organic lifeform like them; instead, it uses robot replicas of Pikmin. It is primarily operated by Louie.

On PNF-404

The Pikmin Training Center on PNF-404 is Awakening Wood. It uses real Pikmin and Onions. Training there focuses on all aspects of Pikmin, including their resistances to hazards and how to propagate Pikmin, both of which are mentioned only briefly at Hocotate's Pikmin Training Center. It is primarily operated by Olimar's sixteen-year-old son, Sagittarius.

After a leader-in-training becomes a certified graduate of both Pikmin Training Centers, they become an apprentice under a veteran leader.