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Ice-Toothed Bubbleslime.png
Scientific name Frostium geletanium bubbilious
Family Jellyfloat
Areas Treacherous Tundra
Caves Cave of 110 Challenges
Challenge Mode stages Defeat Bosses, Cave Creator
Carry weight 15
Max. carriers 30
Seed worth 25
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 50
Attacks Eats, crushes, and freezes Pikmin, blows bubbles

The Fanged Jellyfrost is a large, territorial jellyfloat that is icy to the touch. It floats gracefully about in the air, humming to itself in a gravelly voice. During this, droplets of cold condensation run down its body and solidify into icicles at the base of its bell and promptly fall to the ground and shatter. When Pikmin or leaders draw near, the Fanged Jellyfloat will shake its body in surprise, instantly dislodging all icicles attached to its body in various directions, before quickly hovering toward them. Additionally, it produces condensation more profusely, generating more icicles. When it gets close enough to its prey, it may do one of two things: it can inhale for some seconds, trapping any Pikmin it sucks up inside itself, or tense up and fall to the ground, crushing Pikmin and leaders it lands on. When sufficiently threatened, the Fanged Jellyfrost will begin to blow bubbles all around itself from the base of its body. Pikmin and leaders that touch the Fanged Jellyfrost will become progressively more chilled the longer they remain in contact with it, and may eventually be frozen solid.

The Fanged Jellyfrost resembles a typical jellyfloat but is quite large and light blue, almost appearing to be glowing. Its conical bell is devoid of any distinct patterns but has a somewhat crystalline appearance. This is actually ice constantly forming over its body but melting again, resulting in a persistent crackling noise. The ends of the antennae on the top of its body glow white, and light blue tentacles dangle limply below its body. Perhaps the most distinct feature of the Fanged Jellyfrost is the five protruding namesake fangs lining its mouth on the underside of its bell. Within the creature's bell appears to be a heavy, solid ball that allows it to crush prey. The ball lifts up when it inhales, allowing it to inhale prey as small as Pikmin, and settles when it stops, trapping those prey inside, but leaders are too large to fit.


Olimar's notes

Defeating this creature was a challenge, and if more of these types of jellyfloat got together in one area, we could have a huge problem.

Louie's notes

Inedible. Attempting to cook causes the used appliances to freeze and shatter into pieces, and fire simply freezes solid. Eating raw causes extreme chilliness even when on fire.

Alph's notes

Incredible! This creature's body is, even after death apparently, so cold that when Louie tried to cook it, it turned all his cooking tools into ice, including the fire! Heck, this thing could probably freeze lava SOLID! I'd love to continue research on it, but I need to examine the other creatures.

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