Jellyfloat family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "jellyfloat family" article for more official information.

The jellyfloat family consists of flying, although sometimes walking, creatures resembling jellyfish.


Acidic Jellyfloat

Main article: Acidic Jellyfloat

The Acidic Jellyfloat secretes an acidic slime.

Boxer Jellyfloat

Main article: Boxer Jellyfloat

The Boxer Jellyfloat inhales Pikmin and uses its tentacles to shock them.

Chia Jellyfloat

Main article: Chia Jellyfloat

The Chia Jellyfloat can use several hazards.

Coconut Jellyfloat

Main article: Coconut Jellyfloat

The Coconut Jellyfloat is covered in thick bristles.

Diamondback Jellyfloat

Main article: Diamondback Jellyfloat

The Diamondback Jellyfloat can deliver deadly poisonous stings.

Flying Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Flying Spotted Jellyfloat

The Flying Spotted Jellyfloat levitates high in the air, much higher than other jellyfloats, and falls to the ground when leaders or Pikmin are under it to try to crush them.

Galvanic Jellyfloat

Main article: Galvanic Jellyfloat

The Galvanic Jellyfloat is an electric jellyfloat.

Greasy Jellyfloat

Main article: Greasy Jellyfloat

The Greasy Jellyfloat is coated in lubricant.

Greater Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Greater Spotted Jellyfloat

The Greater Spotted Jellyfloat can suck up more Pikmin at once, and even leaders.

Higher Jellyswooper

Main article: Higher Jellyswooper

The Higher Jellyswooper latches onto Pikmin.


Main article: Jellypad

The Jellypad conceals itself under lily pad.


Main article: Jellyswooper

The Jellyswooper anchors itself to surfaces and attacks prey from there.

King Jellyswooper

Main article: King Jellyswooper

The King Jellyswooper attaches itself to surfaces and attacks prey from there.

Kraken Jellyfloat

Main article: Kraken Jellyfloat

The Kraken Jellyfloat is a large jellyfloat that spews poison.

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat

The Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat inhales Pikmin and digests them from the inside.

Lion's Mane Jellyfloat

Main article: Lion's Mane Jellyfloat

The Lion's Mane Jellyfloat is either highly venomous or can absorb fire.

Moldy Jellyfloat

Main article: Moldy Jellyfloat

The Moldy Jellyfloat is covered in mold.

Moon Jellyfloat

Main article: Moon Jellyfloat

The Moon Jellyfloat lands on Pikmin to trap and eat them and may reside on the moon.

Neon Jellyfloat

Main article: Neon Jellyfloat

The Neon Jellyfloat displays bright, vivid colors.

Pulsating Jellystick

Main article: Pulsating Jellystick

The Pulsating Jellystick is stationary and emits light.

Pygmy Jellyfloat

Main article: Pygmy Jellyfloat

The Pygmy Jellyfloat is a small jellyfloat.

Red-Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Red-Spotted Jellyfloat

The Red-Spotted Jellyfloat is named after its coloration.

Resilient Jellyfloat

Main article: Resilient Jellyfloat

The Resilient Jellyfloat is engulfed in flames that emit panic-inducing smoke.

Ruby Jellyfloat

Main article: Ruby Jellyfloat

The Ruby Jellyfloat is known for its brilliant red hue.

Terrestrial Jellyfloat

Main article: Terrestrial Jellyfloat

The Terrestrial Jellyfloat walks using tentacle-like legs.

Unidentified Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Unidentified Spotted Jellyfloat

The Unidentified Spotted Jellyfloat is a disk-shaped jellyfloat.

Whiplash Jellyswooper

Main article: Whiplash Jellyswooper

The Whiplash Jellyswooper whips Pikmin with its tentacles, killing them.