Jellyfloat family

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The jellyfloat family consists of flying, although sometimes walking, creatures resembling jellyfish.


Acidic Jellyfloat

Main article: Acidic Jellyfloat

The Acidic Jellyfloat leaves behind deadly puddles of acid and can digest food faster.

Chia Jellyfloat

Main article: Chia Jellyfloat

Chia Jellyfloat is a female sentient Jellyfloat capable of speech. She will shoot odd plasma balls at you.

Coconut Jellyfloat

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The Coconut Jellyfloat hides in trees, disguising as a coconut to avoid predators. It will chase down and roll over sources of lights it sees on the ground.

Diamondback Jellyfloat

Main article: Diamondback Jellyfloat

The Diamondback Jellyfloat is a jellyfloat with a diamond-like pattern on its back and poisonous tentacles.

Flying Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Flying Spotted Jellyfloat

Flying Spotted Jellyfloats are very similar in appearance to other spotted jellyfloats and are blue in color. However, they are considerably smaller and faster than other members of the jellyfloat family and choose to crush Pikmin instead of absorbing them. They can be found flying high in the sky; when they are above leaders or Pikmin, they will quickly fall down to the ground to attack, then retreat to the skies.

Galvanic Jellyfloat

Main article: Galvanic Jellyfloat

The Galvanic Jellyfloat is an electric member of the jellyfloat family introduced in Pikmin: Wide World. Yellow Pikmin are necessary to fight Galvanic Jellyfloats, as electricity constantly surges through their body and tentacles. Galvanic Jellyfloats are found floating above the ground, much like their relatives, idly exploring in a small territory. When a leader or their Pikmin approach, however, a Galvanic Jellyfloat will attempt to reach out to them with its tentacles and electrocute them.

Greasy Jellyfloat

Main article: Greasy Jellyfloat

This jellyfloat is covered in grease and passively disables electronics just be being near them.

Greater Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Greater Spotted Jellyfloat

The Greater Spotted Jellyfloat, as its name implies, resembles a larger, purple version of the Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat. They have more health and can be defeated in the same manner, but can suck up more Pikmin at once as well as leaders.


Main article: Jellyswooper

The Jellyswooper is a type of jellyfloat that can be found on the ground or on ceilings. They attack leaders and Pikmin by swooping down at them.

King Jellyswooper

Main article: King Jellyswooper

The King Jellyswooper is a very large variant of the Jellyswooper. On top of its bell is a ring of appendages which resembles a crown and gives this gargantuan jellyfloat its name.

Kraken Jellyfloat

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The Kraken Jellyfloat is a larger, black species of jellyfloat that often uses poisonous sludge to attack Pikmin. It also is capable of splititng into two indiviual organisms if needed.

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat

The Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat resembles a large, blue, floating jellyfish with yellow spots. They attack the Pikmin by inhaling them and trapping them inside. The Pikmin will then be digested one by one over considerably long periods of time. Purple Pikmin will automatically make this creature fall due to their weight. When defeated, all undigested Pikmin will be recovered.

Lion's Mane Jellyfloat

Main article: Lion's Mane Jellyfloat

This species of jellyfloat is the largest known. Once it is awakened in its chamber, it will slowly fly around the area, occasionally inhaling fire from the Fiery Bulblaxes and Dwarf Fiery Bulblaxes in the area, using it as fuel to spray fire. It can also suck in Pikmin like any regular jellyfloat can.

Moldy Jellyfloat

Main article: Moldy Jellyfloat

They attack by sucking up Pikmin similar to their relatives but instead of eating them they cover the Pikmin in Mold to convert them into Moldmin, then they will release the Moldmin to attack anything nearby, by having the Moldmin attack and carry items back to the Jellyfloat it will injest the item like an Onion does and gains health as a result.

Moon Jellyfloat

Main article: Moon Jellyfloat

The enigmatic Moon Jellyfloat is shorter compared to its relatives, but also wider. Floating a good distance over the ground, the Moon Jellyfloat lacks the ability to inhale Pikmin. Instead, it simply stretches out its bell and descends, trapping Pikmin underneath it like a cage. It will remain on the ground until its captives have been eaten.

Neon Jellyfloat

Main article: Neon Jellyfloat

Though it simplistic that this creature can only attack what it says above, but don't let it fool you. It can shot thunderbolts, shock itself meaning it kills every non yellow on it for a few seconds, and cause tornados to suck you in. It stays really low above the ground but it's really buff and stay afloat until you have 20 pikmin on it. It won't let you bring it down easily though, wait for it to get tired, thats your chance. Or else it will shock/or shake all your pikmin thats on it.

Pygmy Jellyfloat

Main article: Pygmy Jellyfloat

The Pygmy Jellyfloat is a tiny jellyfloat that is unable to float. It leans away from nearby Pikmin to suck them up and eventually digest them.

Red-Spotted Jellyfloat

Main article: Red-Spotted Jellyfloat

This creature looks like a typical Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat, but it's spots are red. This creature ca nsuck up pikmin and digest them after a minute or two, and it can spew fire down to the ground underneath it, setting pikmin on fire and harming captains. Other than this, It is just an obstacle and not much to a threat.

Resilient Jellyfloat

Main article: Resilient Jellyfloat

After the Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat died out with the Greater Spotted Jellyfloat, there were a few remaining stragglers that had rapidly mutated to survive the changing conditions. These jellyfloats, though very few in number, became increasingly aggravated and dangerous. They secrete the same chemicals as a Fiery Bulblax to heat themselves in the cold environments, but the dark smoke it gives off when coming into contact with the jellyfloat's skin is dangerous to all Pikmin.

Terrestrial Jellyfloat

Main article: Terrestrial Jellyfloat

The Terrestrial Jellyfloat is a strange variant form of the Jellyfloat. It is dark red in color, and has brown armor covering the lower half of its bell-shaped head. Its tentacles end in clawed feet, which it uses to walk around after you and your Pikmin. When it's over your Pikmin, it will suck them up and slowly digest them, like most Jellyfloats.