Wraith Castle

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Pikmin: The Pollution
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The Wraith Castle is one of the 2 dungeons in the Perplexing Pool in Pikmin: The Pollution. It has 8 floors, and all hazards except pollution.



  • 7 De-Pollutionater Pieces - Dropped by all the Wraiths
  • Pluckaphone - Dropped by the Wraith King


  • 20 Blue - Waterwraith
  • 20 Red - Firewraith
  • 20 Rock - Magnetwraith
  • 20 White - Acidwraith
  • 20 Cyan - Frostwraith
  • 20 Yellow - Electrowraith
  • 30 of a random color - Clambering wraith
  • 10 of all colors acquired - Wraith King


You are not required to battle any Wraiths until floor 7. All wraiths on floors 1-6 will appear in 45 seconds, so run like heck. You should have Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Rock, and Cyan Pikmin, as they are all immune to one of the wraiths. If you have Rose or Pink Pikmin, they are a good thing to bring. You can not bring Green or Purple Pikmin, but there is a Violet Candypop Bud on floor 7 and 8. You should quickly get to the exit, but with all the Smoky Proggs in the way, it might take about a minute. Cyan Pikmin are good to have, because when you are 15 seconds away from the Wraiths appearing, they will detect the place they fall onto. This is useful for getting away. All Wraiths are identical, but with a different hazard. When on floor 7, put 1 of each pikmin you have into the Violet Candypop Buds and the strategy for the Wraiths are all identical to the Waterwraith in Pikmin 2, but you have to drop it near them, as on them will nearly insta-kill it. There is a section for each wraith, and once all except the Clambering Wraith are defeated, an area at the start of the floor is opened, where the Clambering Wraith is battled. On the next floor, do the same with the Candypop buds there. The Wraith King has LOADS more HP than the others, but has no insta-kill substance. This makes it safer for Purple Pikmin to attack.