Pikmin: The Pollution

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Pikmin: The Pollution
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Pollution, a fanon game created by Pikminwraith.
Pikmin: The Pollution
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Sequel Pikmin 2
Creator Pikminwraith

Pikmin: The Pollution is a game by Pikminwraith. This game takes place five months after the events of Pikmin 2.

Pikmin: The Pollution takes place 5 months after Pikmin 2. The game starts with Olimar, on a walk, when Sierra, one of the scientists in town came to show Olimar her invention. The invention is the SuperScope. A telescope that lets you see much farther. Olimar sees the Planet of Pikmin, but most of it looks dead and polluted! Olimar then goes with Sierra with another one of her inventions, the De-Pollutionater. They inform Louie who comes with them. On the way, an Asteroid comes from behind and nearly destroys the De-Pollutionater and its copies! The 3 of them then crash land into the Impact Site again. While the ship was quickly fixed, they required 10 (Brought 12) copies, but most of them broke into 4 pieces. Sierra only saved 3/4 pieces of one of them. With the Pikmin, they must get the machine parts in 35 days, and save Pikmin Planet.


Olimar's journal (Day 1)

We had a small and balanced start. We found Red Pikmin and got a second piece of the De-Pollutionater. We crashed in the Impact Site, where I crash-landed in my first adventure on this planet. The bright, white moon is full, shining brightly on the planet.


Good Ending

If you get enough pieces, but not all of them, the polluted parts of the planet will be restored. When Olimar and Sierra leave, the Pikmin form a circle around them and dance around them as thanks for saving the planet before entering their ship. When they lift off the onions circle around them until they leave the atmosphere.

Great Ending

If you get all the pieces, the planet will be restored and sparkles. When Olimar and Sierra leave, the Pikmin form multiple circles and get a formation of the sun, and dance, glowing brightly like at the end of Pikmin 2 before they go in the ship as thanks for saving their planet. When they lift off, the onions fly around them giving off sparkles. When they leave the atmosphere, the Pikmin glow and form a rainbow, (Rock being orangish) (The Black Pikmin form a smile) as a goodbye.

Bad Ending

If you don't get enough pieces, the planet starts rotting, and many Pikmin starts to die. Olimar, Louie, and Sierra got to save a couple of Pikmin and some healthy oxygen so they can still survive. With their mission failing, the three leave in shame.


  • Flowers (As in the plant, not flower Pikmin) and Rose Pikmin drop honey (Called neswete) which can heal Pikmin a bit.
  • Mini-onions go with you in dungeons and bring 1/5 of the Pikmin inside them.
  • The small pictures with their health next to them are in a triangle. To switch to the one on the right you use Y and on the left it's X.
  • You start out with the Napsack, Stellar Orb, and the Geographic Projection, but all others in the Exploration Kit were lost in the crash, and they accidentally left the Spherical Atlas behind, though it's not needed.
  • Pikmin in your team or at the base will return to their onions with the other Pikmin inside, seeds are kept planted safe and sound, but all others will be left behind.
  • After blasting off, you get a selection of things:
    • Pikmin – Check Pikmin count, how many Pikmin died, and how they did
    • Entries & Mail – Check Olimar's, Sierra's, and Louie's journals, along with mail on your phone
    • Hoard Dark Den – See your Exploration Kit, De-Pollutionater Pieces, and your Berries.
    • Piklopedia – See entries on animals and plants on the planet.
    • End & Save – When you're done with everything, select this, and you get the option to save, then go to the Area select screen




For the stats, see Pikmin: The Pollution/Stats.
  • Captain Olimar – No changes.
  • Sierra – Short Purple Hair, a suit similar to Olimar's, has a lab coat in the first opening cutscene.
  • Louie – No changes.
  • Red Pikmin – No changes.
  • Yellow Pikmin – No changes.
  • Cyan Pikmin – Light Blue color, immune to frost, has a red flower, purple eyes (can detect enemies on the ceiling and underground, and will point to it.)
  • Blue Pikmin – No changes
  • Black Pikmin – Black color, immune to explosions, can use bomb rocks, has a red flower.
  • Green Pikmin – Green color, small spikes on arms, has a red flower when killed, it controls the enemy that killed it for the rest of the day, immune to mind control.
  • Purple Pikmin – No changes, but can survive more bomb rocks than before.
  • Rock Pikmin – Immune to poison, pollution, and magnetism, can break crystals, has a purple flower.
  • White Pikmin – No changes.
  • Rose Pikmin – Light pink in color, immune to poison and pollution, can heal other Pikmin, has a rose instead of the flower other Pikmin have, hence the name.
  • Pink Pikmin – Immune to explosions, can use bomb rocks, has wings so it can fly to the target area, has a purple flower.


  • De-Pollutionater – need to find 37 of these to save the planet.
  • Pellets – Bring them back to the onion to get more Pikmin. If of the same color, there is 30% extra, always rounded up (EX: a 1 Red will be 2 in the red onion, a 5 Blue will be 7 in the blue onion, and a 10 Yellow, would be 13 in the yellow onion). Now comes in 2, 3, 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 100!
  • Berries – Bring them to the ship to make Potions of the same color.
  • Potions – Comes in 6 colors:
    • Red – Powers up the strength and speed of Pikmin.
    • Purple – Immobilizes enemies.
    • Blue – Your Pikmin takes half the damage.
    • Yellow – Pikmin will regenerate health over time.
    • White – Weakens the strength and speed of enemies.
    • Gold – Same effect as Red, Blue, and Yellow potions.



See: Pikmin: The Pollution/Enemy ranks


Like the other games, there are onions. There is now one for each kind encountered. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, Pink, Rock (Being orange), Cyan, Rose, and White! All of the colors of the rainbow, with some others, added in there.

Spoiler for secrets

Are you tired of going back to the onion to get more Pikmin or put them back in? Well don't fret, in this game, you can control the onion! To do this you need the special whistle in the Impact Site and you need 35 Pikmin which is the maximum you can have on the first day. Each Onion has different statistics and has an ability unique to that onion. For example, the Red Onion can grab and throw enemies, and the Blue Onion can go in water like a submarine. To get 100% you need to do this as there are some items and dungeons that require this!