Clambering Wraith

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Clambering Wraith
Family Supernatura

The Clambering Wraith is a species of supernatura that has spiked rollers.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The After Years

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The After Years
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The After Years, created by Gamefreak75.
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Clambering Wraith The icon used to represent this enemy.
Clambering Wraith.png
Scientific name Amphibio sapiens clamborosa
Family Unknown
Areas None
Caves Destroyed Castle, Remembrance Ravine, Galactic Warpzone (dark variant)
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Clambering Wraith appears in Pikmin: The After Years, where it resembles a lavender-colored Waterwraith with spikes attached to its rollers. In addition to allowing the Clambering Wraith to crush Pikmin and leaders it rolls over, the rollers provide the creature one advantage, which is allowing it to scale vertical surfaces and ceilings, and one disadvantage that makes assaults from the rear inexplicably easy, which is a slow speed and reaction time. It pursues only the active leader, making tricking it easy, although if it rides head-on into a wall, it will begin scaling the surface and can not be attacked. The Clambering Wraith will continue scaling the wall until reaching the ceiling, whereupon it travels towards the position of and drops down upon Pikmin and leaders much as it does when it initially appears: both of its rollers drop to the ground at the same time parallel to one another before the creature itself falls on top of them. However, both the rollers and the Clambering Wraith itself generate large, debilitating shockwaves upon impact, with the former's knocking Pikmin down, rendering them susceptible to attack, and the latter's being even larger and potentially causing leaders' spacesuits to malfunction, temporarily impairing their navigational skills. The Clambering Wraith can be defeated in much the same way as the Waterwraith, which it has the same vitality as, by stunning it with Purple Pikmin pounds. After being stunned, its body becomes blue and vulnerable to attack by any Pikmin type, and once it has been sufficiently harmed, its rollers break, rendering it completely harmless even while it runs about on foot.

The Clambering Wraith also has a dark matter-infused variant, which is known as the "Dark Clambering Wraith". The Dark Clambering Wraith appears only in the Galactic Warpzone, the final cave, and it is a stronger version of the Clambering Wraith that has much more health, faster and deadlier attacks, and the ability to use a new, unique attack in addition to its existing ones.