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A pit, known also as an abyss or a chasm, is the name given to the depths below where the level is on top of. These pits usually kill or harm creatures that fall into them, and for the most part, their bottom is unknown. In the Pikmin series, a pit's punishment on an entity or object that falls in depends on a variety of factors.

Most areas are considered to take place at ground-level, but some areas and caves clearly take place suspended above a seemingly endless abyss. There are borders almost everywhere stopping creatures from just walking off the edge and falling down, although some enemies can take steps large enough to walk over these boundaries, and leaders can throw Pikmin or their own partners over the boundaries.

In general, pits are meant to kill whatever falls in, but for gameplay reasons or due to oversights, this may not always be the case. Pikmin that fall into the abyss will be killed. Their death scream is long and high-pitched, clearly noting that they have been thrown into one. Leaders who touch the void are merely respawned back in a specific location, also taking damage depending on the game. In Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2, enemies that fall in a pit are killed right away, but in Pikmin 3, enemies that fall off the edge are put back onto the ledge that they fell off of in a similar way to that of the leaders but take no damage. Fruits, treasures, and other, minor objects that fall into the abyss will simply reappear at their original location.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Louie's Adventure

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Chasms are a hazard in Pikmin: Louie's Adventure. They are exclusive to Rocky Ravine. Any Pikmin thrown into a chasm will die, much like they do if they fall over the edge of a cliff in a cave. A chasm appears as a rift that descends into blackness, and sometimes a chasm will have an air current rising from it. Usually, the only way to get across them is by using a bridge, which can be on either side of a chasm. If the bridge is on the other side of a chasm that has an air current rising from it, Pink Pikmin can be thrown across to ride the air current and reach the bridge. Occasionally, ledges will exist along the walls of a chasm that allow downward descent. Only Pikmin can get back up from ledges by throwing them, but leaders and Pikmin will be automatically and safely transported back to the ship at sunset.

In Pikmin: Wide World

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Pits are bottomless abysses that appear in various aboveground and underground locations in Pikmin: Wide World. A large variety of objects and entities may fall into pits. Pikmin that fall into a pit will perish. Pikmin instinctively stand away from ledges from which they may fall into pits, but can still fall in if they are thrown, either by a leader or an enemy, pushed, or otherwise forced into one or trip off the edge. They let out a long, high-pitched scream as they fall to their demise. Leaders, most treasures, fruits, and upgrades that fall into a pit will be teleported safely back onto the ground from which they fell. Enemies will actively avoid falling into pits and often do not fall into a pit unless forced or lured into one. Enemies that die due to falling into a pit will not produce a soul, and neither do Pikmin that suffer the same fate. Those that do fall into a pit will die unless they had ingested a treasure, fruit, or upgrade, in which case they will be teleported to safety. Pikmin that are latched onto or are otherwise in physical contact with an enemy that is beamed back up to the ground from which it fell will also be saved. Enemy corpses that fall into a pit will also be teleported to safety, though the corpses of enemies that die by falling into a pit will not. Any Sparklium an enemy yielded upon death will also be lost along with their corpse when they die by falling into a pit, and so will any special, miscellaneous drops they would have spat up. The only treasure that is not teleported to safety is nuggets. Other objects that fall into a pit, such as, but not limited to, eggs, boulders, any variant of bomb rock, or nectar, will also be permanently lost. Although Puckering Bulbeels and Electric Bulbeels reside in long tunnels that may initially appear to be pits, they cannot be accessed no matter their orientation.