Blue Battle Bay

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Pikmin: The Return of the Puffmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Return of the Puffmin, a fanon game created by ThePikminMeister.
Blue Battle Bay
Blue Battle Bay.jpg
Location Southern side of Puffspin
Pikmin discovered Swimmuscle Pikmin
Caves 4
Collectibles 10

Blue Battle Bay is the third area in Pikmin: The Return of the Puffmin. It contains ten Puffshrooms and four caves and is difficult in that there are many strong enemies present in it and its caves and because it contains many puzzles. The Swimmuscle Pikmin discovered here are useful for the area's clam puzzle.


  1. Underwater Cave
  2. Lilypad Lair
  3. Sea Shelter
  4. Perilous Pearl Palace