Centipede Bulblax

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Centipede Bulblax
Family Grub-dog

The Centipede Bulblax is a species of grub-dog with an elongated body and several pairs of legs.

In fanon games

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In The President's Adventure

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Centipede Bulblax The icon used to represent this enemy.
Centipede Bulblax.png
Scientific name Oculus gaia
Family Grub-dog
Areas None
Caves Stormy Holloways, The Kitchen
Carry weight 20
Max. carriers Unknown
Seed worth N/A
Health 1,500
Attacks Eats and rolls over Pikmin

The Centipede Bulblax is a grub-dog appearing in The President's Adventure, exclusively in caves, those being the Stormy Holloways and the Kitchen. Despite its name, it only loosely resembles the Empress Bulblax because of its elongated, segmented body, has no eyestalks, and lacks legs, forcing it to crawl. It can survive underwater and will slowly inch along the body of any water body it enters. It may get stuck on walls, tight spaces, and anything else it passes by, and can inadvertently trap Pikmin, leaders, and even small enemies it curls around. Typically edgy, the Centipede Bulblax can detect Pikmin and leaders quickly and will rush towards those it does. Eating is its primary means of attack, although it may also choose to roll over Pikmin, which is usually ineffective. The Centipede Bulblax's species, gaia, relates to nature and is the name of the great goddess Gaia.

Damaging any individual part of a Centipede Bulblax's body except for the head will separate all of its segments and lead the creature into desperately attempting to reclaim its lost body parts, during which it will move quickly and completely ignore Pikmin. However, if the head is attacked and defeated before any other part, the entire creature will mysteriously disappear. Throwing many Purple Pikmin at its head is the optimal way to defeat it. When its health is low, it attacks more quickly and ejects smoke balls from its body. Leaders can not harm a Centipede Bulblax on their own, and ultra-bitter sprays are ineffective against Centipede Bulblaxes because they are so large.