Challenger's Canyon

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Challenger's Canyon is the fourth and final area in Pikoblitz. It is a rocky, blazing-hot wasteland that is home to some challenging enemies and contains water and acid. No Pikmin are found here. There are a couple of treasures here which can only be delivered by Purple Pikmin down a series of pipes. Be Cautious, for some nasty suprises lurk in the dungeons...




  • Strong Shell (Acorn) 45 pokos(Enemy)(6 pikmin)
  • Bloom of Fate (Sunflower without stem) 70 pokos(10 pikmin)
  • Colossal Hollow (Tortoise Shell) 130 pokos(25 pikmin)
  • Miracle Steel (Sewing Needle) 50 pokos(5 pikmin)
  • Architectual Artifact (Fine China Cup) 160 pokos(20 pikmin)
  • Gyro-Tech Miracle (Engine of the S.S. Dolphin) 2000 pokos (500 pikmin)