Conquest Cavern

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This is it...the moment of truth. Or, cave of truth, in this case. The Ship detects an absolutely massive creature at the bottom of this huge dungeon. The last cave you might enter in the Challenger's Canyon in Pikoblitz. You head regrets. Or so you think.

Sublevels: 13

Treasures: 16

Sublevel 1

Treasures: 1

  • Electric Node X 3

Sublevel 2

Treasures: 1

  • Emblem of Curiousity(Penny) 80 pokos (5 pikmin)
  • Rock Trap(Empress Bulblax causes them)X ???

Sublevel 3

Treasures: None

Sublevel 4

Treasures: 1

  • Emblem of Confusion (Dime) 120 pokos (3 pikmin)
  • Water Pond X 3
  • Bomb Rock X 2

Sublevel 5

Treasures: 1

  • Emblem of Supremacy (Nickel) 100 pokos (8 Pikmin)
  • Electric Node X 10

Sublevel 6

Treasures: 2

  • Emblem of Superiority (Quarter) 270 pokos (12 pikmin)

Sublevel 7

Treasures: 3

  • Emblem of Wonder (Silver Dollar) 400 pokos (15 pikmin)
  • Water Pond X 6
  • Fire Vent X 14
  • Bomb Rock X 15

Sublevel 8

Treasures: 2

  • Emblem of Dominance (Yen) 130 pokos (20 pikmin)
  • Frost Generator X 3

Sublevel 9

Treasures: 1

Sublevel 10

Treasures: 1

  • Rare Currency (Dollar Bill) 40 pokos (4 pikmin)
  • Poison Generator X 2

Sublevel 11

Treasures: 2

  • Poko Express (Check) 100 pokoa (3 pikmin)

Sublevel 12

Treasures: None

  • Electric Node X 4
  • Fire Vent X 7
  • Acid Pond (Drainable) X 2
  • Frost Generator X 3
  • Poison Generator X 3
  • Bomb Rock X 6

Sublevel 13

Treasures: 1

  • Queen of Trouble (Overlady Bulblax(From Hocotate)) 100 pokos (5 pikmin)
  • Remains are worth 50 pokos and can be carried by 30 pikmin(80 Max.)

End of Game

You capture the runaway Bulblax and blast off from the planet! AS you do, the newly discovered Cyan and Green Pikmin weep while the other types sing "Ai No Uta", a song used to advertise Pikmin 1. Olimar Looks at the Pikmin for a brief moment, and then turns around to steer the Ship. Creits now appear while "Ai No Uta" plays. The credits are shown on the Pikmin Planet, while projecting images of the Pikmin's faces and images of things you have or could have done in the game. You have completed the game. And if you complet the game 100%, you will see a bonus ending clip of what happens after you land back on hocotate. Olimar joins his family, louie starts making everybody lunch, and the president sells the Ovelady Bulblax back to Hocatate's Zoo. All is least until the next adventure.