Crimson Burrow

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Crimson Burrow
Sublevels 1
Time limit N/A
Red Pikmin 15 Ultra-bitter spray 0
Purple Pikmin 0 Ultra-spicy spray 1
White Pikmin 0 Ultra-sour spray 0
Yellow Pikmin 15 Ultra-sweet spray 0
Blue Pikmin 0
Green Pikmin 0
Black Pikmin 0
Cyan Pikmin 0
Bulbmin 0

Crimson Burrow is a cave that can be played in PikSpore's challenge mode. It's inhabited by several red enemies, like Red Bulborbs. Clearing it will unlock Seismic Kingdom.

Sublevel 1


The only sublevel of this cavern is like a big maze, crawling with tons of crimson critters. Hiding in the dead figworts are some flint beetles, all of which do not contain anything useful besides nectar. There is also a glint beetle with a particularly valuable treasure inside of it. There are three extra treasures (counting the one in the glint beetle) besides the key.