Cyan Village

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Cyan Village is a village in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. It is the first Pikmin village available in the game. It is located on sublevel 3 of the Frozen Chamber, but is inaccessible until the cave is completed. As its name would suggest, it is populated entirely by over 1,000 Cyan Pikmin.

The village itself provides device add-ons and sprays in exchange for icicles, the local currency. "Help wanted" activities include icicle farming and spray cultivation.


Jobs are mini-games that your Pikmin can complete. You can do these for a local currency (in this case, Icicles.).

Icicle farming

In this mini-game, your Pikmin is given a stone pickaxe (you can buy better things at Tools + Things), and you are given 60 seconds to mine ice clumps for Icicles. Small ice clumps give you 1-2 icicles, large ones give you 2-5 icicles, You get to keep half of the icicles you mine, the rest are put into circulation.

Spray making

Your Pikmin is put in a large ice bat with 10 Berries of the same type, and you must stomp on the Berries to make Sprays. Every Spray you make gives you 4 Icicles.


Electronics Depo.


  • 50 Icicles ===> Purple Incubator add-on - Enables the ship to breed Purple Pikmin.
  • 100 Icicles ===> White Incubator add-on - Enables the ship to breed White Pikmin.
  • 150 Icicles ===> Black Incubator add-on - Enables the ship to breed Black Pikmin.
  • 200 Icicles ===> Cyan Incubator add-on - Enables the ship to breed Cyan Pikmin.


  • 3 Electronics ===> 25 Icicles - Sometimes dropped by Mechawogs upon death.

Spray Weaponry



Tools + Things


  • 250 Icicles ===> Iron Pickaxe - Stronger than standard-issue pickaxe.
  • 500 Icicles ===> Diamond Pickaxe - Stronger than Iron Pickaxe.
  • 100 Icicles ===> Spike Boots - Squishes Berries faster.