Frozen Chamber

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Frozen Chamber
Location Winter Valley
Sublevels ?
Treasures ?
Hazards Ice,?

The Frozen Chamber is a cave in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. It is full of icey water, as one might expect. You meet Cyan Pikmin here.


Sublevel 1

The duo can be dangerous together, but you must power through. The Deadly Knives is on a ledge.

Sublevel 2

This is actually easier than it looks. Just spam Purples between its eyes and it will die. The Priceless Ingot is held by the mighty beast.

Sublevel 3/ Cyan Village

First time

This may shock you. When the player arrives, hundreds and hundreds of huts, varying from small to large, are visible, along with a much larger number of Puffmin. Fortunately, the village is blocked, leaving with a few Candypop Buds and the exit hole. Use the buds, and hop down.

Second+ time

See below.

Sublevel 4

Scattered pools of ice and a few Yellow Wollywogs make this pool perfect for your new Cyan Pikmin. Kill all of the wollywogs and collect the Glistening Element.

Sublevel 5

Unsuprisingly, the boss of this cave is the Puffstool. You fall in a small room, with a stick gate leading to another room. The other room holds the Puffstool, and the Incubator Device.

Cyan Village

Main article: Cyan Village

The Pikmin world's first, and so far only, real Pikmin village. There are many shops or trading areas which you can spend your hard- earned Pokos on. The items you buy may or may not help you on your adventure. See the main page for details.


The player finds their first Pikmin village here, though he cannot interact with them yet.