Forest of Beginnings (Pikmin 4: The World to Free)

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Pikmin 4: The World to Free
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For other locations of the same name, see Forest of Beginnings.

The Forest of Beginnings is a mushroom forest-like area in Pikmin 4: The World to Free. Fires are in its caves, webs cover some parts of the area, and roses cover the background. Be careful, white gates cover some parts as well.


P4TWtF Forest of Beginnings.jpg

Map legend
  • Grey line (White gate)
  • Orange line (Hazard gate)
  • Darker grey (Black gate)
  • Black line (Highting)
  • Orange dot (Hazard mechanism)
  • Purple dot (Ememies, includes bosses for their location)
  • Purple line (Enemy blocked gates)
  • S (Landing site)
  • X (Event landing including Captain Pikmin)
  • MB (Mini-boss, the Purple dot nearby is for its exact location)
  • B (Major boss, the same thing applies to MB)
  • Star (Treasures)
  • Red dot (Red Pikmin)

Common Creatures

Rare creatures


  • Cupid's Grenade (Cherry)
  • Unbreakable Mystery (Walnut)
  • Recycling Energy (Rechargeable battery)
  • Wisdom Tin (Bucket)
  • Sour Bomb