Jewel Citadel

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Pikmin 4: The World to Free
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The main area.

After saving Captain Pikmin. He tells you about the Neon Jellyfloat, and its location. However it doesn't last long; because the main path way. Tike name it based off what Captain Pikmin call it.



Tike's notes

This beautiful land has over 80 different kinds of minerals! However, some could take years to dig up. This land is home to many jellyfloats and dweevils. I better watch my step, or else I might just get shocked!

Alice's notes

I could gaze at this cavern forever... but I must gather some jewels before it's too late. Also, this place has the most gorgeous creatures too, mainly the jellyfloat though.

Captain Pikmin

Yellows used to love going here. This was the best mountain climbing material we had, but since many predators have come by. It's too dangerous now.




  1. Tool of the Relics
  2. Gothic Glory
  3. Healthy Fiber Ring
  4. Jewel of Anger
  5. Psychologist's Desire
  6. Devil's Orb
  7. Nature's Gift
  8. Soul Moon