Pikmin and the Crystal Core

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Captain Olimar and Louie return to the Pikmin Planet in search of treasure, but as they land, the ship's controls stop working, and they crashland in a forest of crystal trees that Olimar names Crystal Forest. The pair explore the area and find a clearing containing an Orange Onion, which ejects a single seed, and the ship claims could be a new Pikmin species. After Olimar plucks the sprout, the Orange Pikmin is revealed to have green eyes. By then, a Dwarf Red Bulborb closes in on Olimar, Louie, the Onion, and the Pikmin, but Olimar quickly kills the creature by throwing the Pikmin directly on top of it, and upon death, it yields a blob of orange nectar that Olimar collects for research. The ship speculates about the nectar having special properties. Olimar and Louie carry on their way and eventually find a Red Onion. They find Red Pikmin, and Olimar, thinking about the ship's speculation, gives them the nectar he and Louie found. The nectar crystallizes, and the Red Pikmin carry it to their Onion. Upon absorbing the nectar, the Red Onion, along with the Red Pikmin, glows before transmuting into ruby, the ship claiming this to be an evolution.