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Appearance in Pikmin 3.

Nectar is a substance that increases the maturity of Pikmin that drink it, usually to the flower stage. Any leaf or bud Pikmin that passes into a drop of nectar will crouch down and begin to slurp it, and after it is finished, it will jump up and the leaf or bud on its stem will turn into a flower.

In Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2, a single drop of nectar can be shared by any number of Pikmin, but as soon as one Pikmin starts to drink it, the drop will shrink until it disappears when the first Pikmin is done. Only Pikmin that start drinking the nectar within this time window will be flowered.

In Pikmin 3, a single drop of nectar can flower up to ten Pikmin, as each Pikmin that drinks from it will consume one-tenth of it. Furthermore, Swarming Sheargrubs can also drink nectar, increasing their size and physical weight.

In Pikmin Bloom, nectar is a key item of many types and colors that takes the form of small translucent beads and is obtained by collecting fruits and occasionally by leveling up. It can be fed to Pikmin to flower them, which is the primary way to get petals, and slightly raise their friendship level. When a Pikmin is bloomed into the flower stage with any nectar type, its flower will glow, and tapping on the glowing flower will add petals of that type and color to the player's petal supply. On very rare occasions after feeding nectar to a Pikmin, its flower may continue emitting a glow with an additional blue tint and a small lens flare effect; attempting to collect petals from this Pikmin will yield unlimited petals of the nectar it was fed last until the glowing stops. If a Pikmin is fed too many times, its flower will disappear and the Pikmin will be unable to be fed for some time. Special nectar is a unique type of nectar that is used to boost a Pikmin's friendship level rather than flower it.

In Pikmin Adventure, nectar is a common item that appears when certain objects are destroyed and as leftovers from destroyed enemies. A player will level up for every three blobs they drink, and drop a few drops of nectar when hurt. If the player is struggling on a specific stage, a rainbow block will appear near the starting point. Breaking it produces a large drop of nectar that, when collected, instantly advances all players to level fifty.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin Adventure (DrTapeworm version)

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Pikmin Adventure (DrTapeworm version)
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In Pikmin Adventure, nectar is found in the form of globules floating a bit above the ground. When collected, each one restores a bit of Blue's health.

In Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds

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The worlds connect.
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Nectar appears in Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds. There is no limit to the amount of nectar or spray drops that can be present in a location at once, but if there are a hundred or more, the framerate begins to decline, and having over one thousand may cause the game to crash.

In Pikmin: Wide World

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"It's a jungle out there!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Pikmin Wide World icon.png

In Pikmin: Wide World, nectar can increment a Pikmin's maturity in two ways. Like in Pikmin 3, ten Pikmin can drink from a blob of nectar before it is completely consumed. Leaders that walk into a pool of nectar, no matter its size, will consume it as they would a normal spray nectar and store it in a Spray Bottle for future use. When sprayed, nectar will increase the maturity of Pikmin in the small cloud of it by one; a leaf Pikmin in the cloud of nectar will mature into a bud Pikmin, and a bud Pikmin standing in it will mature into a flower Pikmin. This nectar cloud only lasts a short time, and only the Pikmin that were in the range of it the moment it was used are affected. Flowered Pikmin are not affected by nectar and will ignore nectar. Nectar can be gained from a variety of sources such as eggs, Nectar grass and other vegetation, and some enemies. As ultra-bitter spray is heavily changed from Pikmin 2 in Pikmin: Wide World, petrified enemies no longer drop nectar or sprays unless they usually do so.