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Pikmin: Steve's Adventure
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Steve's Adventure, a fanon game created by Pikminwraith.
P2 White Pikmin.jpg
Name Sakura
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Eye color Red
Hair color N/A
Home planet PNF-404
Known related characters None

Sakura is a White Pikmin appearing in Pikmin: Steve's Adventure. Steve and his friends, Bob and Joe, meet and befriend her and Phil in Sakura Village in chapter one. The five travel to the oceanside, braving the dreaded Death Desert to reach the Oceana Coast and Oceana Oasis. There, they befriend a masculine Green Pikmin with psychic powers, Lucas, and a feminine Black Pikmin with magical powers, Robin. The entire party battles and defeats the many grub-dogs at Oceana Coast, then face-off against their leader, the Emperor Bulblax, and emerge victorious. After learning that nothing more is there for them, they go to the nearest village, Celestica, and find Nero, who delays them with a mound of boulders. Following this, they go to the coastline and travel their way around on a makeshift boat, which are a few leaves of a sakura tree.