Secret Lands

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Pikmin 3: Return to the Pikmin Planet
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 3: Return to the Pikmin Planet, a fanon game created by Fillet-O-Fish.
Secret Lands
Sublevels 1
Treasures 1
Hazards Acid, fire, ice

The Secret Lands is a hidden cave in Pikmin 3: Return to the Pikmin Planet that can be accessed when the game is fully completed. It is Frontier Forest's last cave and consists of a single sublevel that contains a secret boss and one treasure.

Sublevel 1

  • Enigmatic Key

This sublevel contains a Transforming Scorplon that takes the form of an Obelisk Burrow-nit until its health reaches sixty-six percent, then a Clambering Wraith until it reaches thirty-three percent health, then an Omega Progg until it dies. Once defeated, it drops the Enigmatic Key, a small keyblade.