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The most recent change to this page was on 05/27/2022, by Kuutti85.

How do I edit my game template?

I just noticed you gave me one, so how do I change the color or add decorations? also it's my birthday, yes it's april 1st- Kuutti85 icon.pngKuutti85Kuutti85 icon.png 


sorry for being kinda late to say this but it's cool seeing that this wiki got past 4.000 pages – I'm GrandGreenie.png Captenluigi2, and you can now play as Mario!


I'm making a new enemy infobox for Pikmin: Neo seeing that the current creature template is not really that for my idea, problem is I don't know how to make an Infobox, I wanted to add habitat which describes which biome the creature lives in and rarity to describe how hard to find this creature is. I also wanted to make the infobox green to stand out, could you help me on that. The link to the template is here Template:Infobox Pikmin Neo. I'm AAA.png Glubbfubb, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


Hey how do you create a navbox, I want one for my game, where do I make that for Pikmin: Neo. I'm AAA.png Glubbfubb, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Nintendo Land Seeds

Just a reminder I made articles for the Nintendo Land seeds. Since they were canon information I didn't know how to word them so I would like to ask if you could fill in the placeholder text if you can. I also made a fan made family for them called the Power Pod if your interested in having their own distinct family. I'm AAA.png Glubbfubb, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


Two things: How can I detect copyright violations on a file? And what the heck does Housekeeping mean? (Also, sorry for late reply.) — Username (talk) 02:41, 18 April 2022 (UTC)

Sorry, I should've been more specific. I meant what would housekeeping mean in a wiki? — Username (talk) 16:25, 1 May 2022 (UTC)


Pellet cannon – I'm GrandGreenie.png Captenluigi2, and you can now play as Mario!

Small question

I have tried uploading svg files, but each time it prevents me from doing so and yet says I can upload them for some reason. What is the cause of this error? - Kuutti85 icon.pngKuutti85Kuutti85 icon.png 

Weird glitch

So I was playing Fortress of Festivity in Pikmin 3 Deluxe and for some reason my Purple Pikmin carrying an apple in a corner hadn't been getting it out for some reason. Around the 27 minute mark of After Hours, I had noticed when I put 9 Winged Pikmin and a White Pikmin, they were actually lifting it INTO the corner instead of carrying it out, even after I managed to make Brittany nudge it out of the corner. I had to quit, hopefully it won't happen again. - Kuutti85 icon.pngKuutti85Kuutti85 icon.png 


i never actually dunked myself in paint and screamed - Kuutti85 icon.pngKuutti85Kuutti85 icon.png 

i confusion

I thought that Bonnie image on your userpage was a protogen or something - Kuutti85 icon.pngKuutti85Kuutti85 icon.png