Waterfall Lake (Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet)

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For other locations of the same name, see Waterfall Lake.

Waterfall Lake is the second area in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. Unlike most areas, it is peaceful and serene. It is the Final Trial from Pikmin 1, with a lot of additions.


Subarea 1: Landing Site

The landing site is on an island in the middle of a river. The titular waterfall is behind it. Two Bridges conect it to the main area.

Subarea 2: River

The river runs south of the landing site, through the main part of the area, and spills into the lake.

Subarea 3: Beach

The beach area is almost the same as The Final Trial from Pikmin 1, only the trial part is abandoned, the arena is blocked off by an electric gate, and, obviously, the Emperor Bulblax is absent. The Underground Oasis is where the old landing site was, and the Poison Pit is in the back of the Emperor's arena, which also houses the Blue Onion.

Subarea 4: Lake

The lake at the southernmost part of the area is littered with islands. Many, many water enemies are here, from Wollywogs to even a Ranging Bloyster.

Subarea 5: Fallen Log

At the west end of the lake is a hollow log which extends a little bit underground; this is where the Stump Grotto is.

Subarea 6: Waterfall

North of the landing site is a large waterfall. The force of it is so intense that it acts like a wall, and not even Blue Pikmin can go through. During a heat wave,the waterfall dries up, which makes the cave behind it accessable. In it is the entrance to the Waterfall Trench, as well as a switch to make a different, easier path to the cave accessable.


  • Dwarf Red Bulborbs
  • Red Bulborbs
  • Puffy Blowhog
  • Yellow Bulborb
  • Dwarf Yellow Bulborbs
  • Yellow Wollywogs
  • Yellow Wogpoles
  • Toady Bloyster
  • Ranging Bloyster (After day 20, rarely appears.)



  • Sunny- Normal.
  • Rainy- No big affects, just makes Pikmin trip more often.
  • Heat Wave- Waterfall dries up. The river has less water in it.