Cave of Struggle

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Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet
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Cave of Struggle
Location Disaster Zone
Sublevels 13
Treasures (Parts) 13
Hazards Fire, Electricty, Poison, Water

This is the final cave in Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet. It is found in the Disaster Zone. It is like the Dream Den from Pikmin 2 in the way that it is a recollection of earlier challenges in the game, including bosses.


Upon entering, after collecting every part except for those of the Nuclear Core, Limb and Ooey brace themselves for whatever dangers lie inside this cavern. "This must be where our fight for this planet ends, Ooey," says Limb. Limb responds, "Yes. If we choose to go down here, however, I fear this would be the greatest challenge we've had to face.

Limb: "I agree completely. Who knows what kinds of monsters are down here? We must take extreme caution."

Ooey: "Limb, my dear friend, do you know if we're ready for this?"

Limb: "I suppose we'll see soon, no doubt."

Then the game will ask you if you wish to delve in. If you say yes, this is what you'll find.


Sublevel 1

Sublevel 2

Sublevel 3

Sublevel 4

Sublevel 5