Disaster Zone

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Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet
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Disaster Zone
Location All Areas (Middle of World Map)
Caves 1
Hazards Fire, Electricity, Poison, Water, Icy Water, Radiation

The sixth and final area in Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet.

No Turning Back

After defeating the Radiation Complex in the Chemical Zone, a second but larger meteor strikes the Pikmin planet. Limb and Ooey's ship is almost struck down by it, but they manage to evade it in time. However, the meteor destroys all other areas in the world map, making it impossible to access them again. This stated, all parts not collected from caves and the other areas are randomly laid out in the zone. The area actually consists somewhat of sections of the areas it destroyed. All Pikmin that were planted in previous areas will appear planted under the onion in the landing site. There is only one cave, but to access it, all parts except the ones of the Nuclear Core must be collected. Once the cave is complete, the ending of the game commences.



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