Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet

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Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
Pikmin: Struggle of the Pikmin Planet
Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator DaGamesta

Pikmin: The Struggle of the Pikmin Planet is a real-time strategy game created by DaGamesta that succeeds Pikmin 2.


Twenty years after the events of Pikmin 2, the Pikmin Planet is now a luxurious vacation spot for hocotatians. All is peaceful until one day a giant meteor strikes the planet. Most of the surviving Hocotatians flee the planet, except for two nearby hotel employees, Limb and Ooey, and a few brave souls, who decide to investigate the meteor. They and a small crowd of Hocotations gather around the meteor, and discover, to their horror, that it contains a highly radioactive chemical. The remaining Hocotatians evacuate the planet, but Limb and Ooey are distracted by a Red Pikmin that is apparently begging for help. Limb and Ooey follow it until they are led to a group of other Red Pikmin, which appear very ill. The radiation is already affecting the planet's wildlife, which are sources of nutrients the Pikmin use to reproduce, so exposure to the radiation has led the Pikmin to be ill. Limb and Ooey decide to save the planet from the radiation. Ooey, fortunately, took an apprenticeship with an inventor who is conveniently building a machine used to remove radiation and its source. Limb and Ooey decide to embark on a journey to gather the parts of this machine and save the Pikmin Planet.

Impact Zone

Limb and Ooey investigate this area after the meteor crashed into the planet. Limb and Ooey soon discover the Red Pikmin and try to find parts for the machine that would save the planet. They discover the Impact Hole near the meteor and find the first important piece of the machine, the Impact Geiger.

Flood Zone

After retrieving the Impact Geiger, Limb's computer begins to pick up images of parts and pieces of the machine in a lakeside forest south of the Impact Zone. Determined, the two adventurers decide to land in the area to gather the parts. They land in the forest only to find vile and aggressive creatures patrolling the area. Limb exclaims, "Be careful, Ooey! The wildlife in this region seems to be more aggressive than at the site of the impact. They must take caution or their Pikmin may become a great beast's supper."



  • Limb and Ooey: save PNF-404 from a radioactive chemical.


There are six main areas.


Each part is composed of eleven different materials found in the areas and its caves.

  • Subatomic Base
  • Cosmic Widget
  • Particle Vacuum
  • Energy Processor
  • Cell Storage
  • Multi-Functional Gadget
  • Radiation Filter
  • Nuclear Core