Desert of Depression

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The Desert of Depression is the fifth area that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is a vast desert and it also contains the secondary lair of Balim. It holds 6 Hocotate files.


After getting the Desert Decoder from the Servant of Balim in the Snowy Land of Fear, it opens a way through the sandstorm to find the landing area. It also has the last of the lost Hocotate files.

Pikmin Found


Subarea 1: Awful Oasis

The landing site. The oasis nearby is dirty, that's how it got it's name. All around the oasis is the Lost Sands subarea. The Sandy Sinkhole is located here.

Subarea 2: Lost Sands

A vast, open desert. Enemies and hazards are scattered everywhere. The Orange Pikmin onion is located somewhere here. Quicksand Cave is also here. The Awful Oasis subarea is located in the centre. The Old City subarea is located in the north. The Tech Dunes is located in the bottom left.

Subarea 3: Old City

This subarea only serves as the gateway to the Deserted Town dungeon.

Subarea 4: Tech Dunes

Metal dunes and smoke fill the air. This subarea is very dangerous as it contains many pits and sharp objects. The Stone Triangle dungeon is located here.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Sandy Sinkhole Awful Oasis 7 N/A Empress Bulblax & Ryder
Quicksand Cave Lost Sands 6 N/A Pileated Snagret & 2 Burrowing Snagrets
Deserted Town Old City 3 N/A Abyssal Beast
Stone Triangle Tech Dunes 10 N/A Balim

Enemies Encountered