Scorch Cavern

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Scorch Cavern
Location Volcanic Wastes
Sublevels 6
Treasures 10
Hazards Fire, electricity, lava, explosions
Obstacles Fire geyser, electrical wire, lava pool

Scorch Cavern is the second cave in Volcanic Wastes. It is a rocky and sandy cavern with fire geysers and lava pools scattered around.


Sublevel 1

This sublevel is a small maze, with twisting tunnels blocked by ridiculously fragile gates. Just throw one or more Pikmin on and it'll crumble. There aren't many enemies on this sublevel, so simply get the treasure and go to the exit. This sublevel only has one treasure.


Sublevel 2

This sublevel has a less confusing layout, with two open, square rooms lit by shallow lava pools, connected by some winding passages. These are low enough for Red Pikmin to pass through unharmed, so they are the preferred choice of Pikmin for this sublevel. Swooping Snitchbugs and dweevils roam this sublevel, so watch out for them. There are two treasures here.


Sublevel 3

Another maze, but this time it has some small rooms scattered about. Nothing really noteworthy here, but be warned that a Fiery Bulblax falls on this sublevel. There are two treasures here, one of which is inside the Bulblax.


Sublevel 4

There's some elevated ground here, where Yellow Pikmin can be thrown. If you guide them along the high area, they'll find a bridge and build it, allowing you and the rest of the Pikmin to climb up. There are bulborbs and Anode Beetles on the lower parts of the sublevel and blowhogs on the high parts, besides the typical pools of lava. There are three treasures here.


Sublevel 5

A very small sublevel, with some lava pits and bomb rocks. It's fairly easy, and only has one treasure, inside of an Ashcrab.


Sublevel 6

This sublevel starts you off in a small room with a geyser, some eggs, and some Glowlings. The boss arena is simple and circular, large enough to fit the boss inside.