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Family Unknown

The Human is a colossal intelligent species thought to have once ruled PNF-404 before becoming extinct.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Elements 2

Pikmin: Elements 2
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Elements 2, a fanon game created by Ek1047.
Human The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Homo sapiens
Family Hominidae

Humans, while they don't appear in Pikmin: Elements 2, are mentioned in a conversation between Dell and the S.S. Nexus. They were thought to be at least 100 times larger and heavier than a Koppaite.

Nexus: I wonder if intelligent beings once thrived on this planet. Many objects we found suit Koppaite faces and bodies, and with the astounding research of the waterwraith thing from last time you came here, we might be on to something.
Dell: If only we had some treasures that described those ancient species. Maybe they are humans, like us. Or maybe they were wiped out with this poisonous oxygen...
Nexus: I wonder what recipes they had with this giant fruit though. If only I could taste it. The most I can do is study the taste chemicals.

In Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants

Nuvola warning.png
Giants are invading!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants, a fanon game created by Peach Bulborb.
Nuvola warning.png
Human The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Homo sapiens
Family Unknown
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

Humans are gigantic, invulnerable enemies in Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants. They generally pay little to no attention to leaders and Pikmin, yet are always potentially lethal to them depending on their actions. Humans vary in size and appearance depending on their age and ethnicity.

In Pikmin: Together Forever

Pikmin: Together Forever
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Together Forever, a fanon game created by Faith.
Dwarf God The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Homo sapiens
Family Human
Areas Structure of Endings
Caves None
Challenge Mode stages None
Battle Mode stages None
Carry weight 18,000,000
Max. carriers 500
Seed worth 1,000,000,000
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 70,000,000,000
Sparklium value HP Sparklium icon.png × 18,000,000
Drops Singing Bed
Health 50,000 (all phases combined)
Weaknesses Evolved Pikmin, The Last Pikmin
Resistances All other Pikmin
Attacks Depends on phase

The Giant of Destruction is an enemy appearing in Pikmin: Together Forever. There are two types: the Dwarf God, a child, and the Giant of Botany, a gardener. Giants of Destruction are enormous compared to the Pikmin, some more than others, and can not be killed.

Dwarf God

The Dwarf God holds a phone, the Singing Bed, in its hand and walks around, sometimes setting the Singing Bed on a table to play music. When left alone, it dances to the music playing on the Singing Bed. While it dances, any Pikmin under its feet will be crushed and killed, and so will the leaders, Oatchi, Cauliflower, and Moss. While the Dwarf God can not crush Rock Pikmin under its feet, it can reach down to grab them and stuff them into its pockets, killing them. The music the Singing Bed plays is hard metal. Occasionally, a ding will sound from the Singing Bed and the Dwarf God will pick up the Singing Bed to tap the screen and pause the music for about ten seconds before the music resumes playing. If Pikmin are thrown at the Dwarf God while the music is paused, the Dwarf God will resume playing it shortly before retaliating.

In phase one, most Pikmin can not deal any damage to the Dwarf God, and will only be shaken off and stepped on. Only Pikmin that have been evolved, such as Dragon Pikmin or the Last Pikmin, can deal damage. The Pikmin have to be thrown at the back of the Dwarf God's shoe in between attacks. Pikmin that attack its skin will cause it to take damage, when under the time meter, in the center of the screen, a health bar will appear. This health bar is only active when the Dwarf God has been angered. In phase one, the Dwarf God has 500 health. Once its health bar has been depleted, the Dwarf God will stomp and drop the Singing Bed, quickly stumbling and catching it before anything can happen to it. The music distorts slightly before phase two starts.

In phase two, the Dwarf God looks at the Singing Bed, now with a cracked screen as the music changes to a remix of the Groovy Long Legs' theme. The Dwarf God puts the Singing Bed in its pocket and then focuses on stepping on the captain and using a new attack where they pull out a bottle of bug spray and begin to spray the ground with it, creating a poison cloud that is hard to see in and instantly kills any non-White Pikmin or evolved White Pikmin, and the three space dogs will immediately flee upon taking damage and stay just out of range, cowering. The Dwarf God will then begin stepping on Pikmin again. In this phase, the Dwarf God has 1,000 health.

In phase three, the Dwarf God stomps once more and reaches down, grabbing the Pikmin and throwing them into the ground, causing them to become rooted and invulnerable to further attacks, and the gas fades. When this happens, the Singing Bed produces a click and the music changes to a mashup of the final boss' themes of all mainline Pikmin games up to Pikmin 4. The Dwarf God then begins to crouch and walk around. It can step on Pikmin, and will occasionally stop and do something else. In this phase, the dogs will be unavailable. The Dwarf God has 25,000 health in this phase. All of the boss' attacks go as follows.

  • Jar capture: the Dwarf God will pull a jar out of their pocket and then proceed to slam it upside-down on top of Pikmin and captains. It will slip some paper under the jar and then lift it, flip it over, and place a lid on it, before violently shaking it and then letting whatever's inside back out to catch more. The Dwarf God takes about twelve seconds to slam the jar down, and a shadow indicates where the attack will land. Pikmin inside the jar that are shaken up will die when the jar stops shaking, while captured captains will just take 10% of their total health in damage.
  • Bug spray: the Dwarf God will pull out its can of bug spray and attempt to spray the Pikmin.
  • Gust of wind: the Dwarf God will suck in air and quickly exhale over the Pikmin, sending them flying onto the ground.
  • Rock throw: the Dwarf God will attempt to chuck small pebbles, massive boulders to the Pikmin, at Pikmin in an area. There are shadows on the ground that increase in size the closer they get to the ground.
  • Cloth throw: the Dwarf God will drop a cloth on the Pikmin and captains, and then pick it up and wring it out, dealing 10% of the captain's total health and instantly killing any Pikmin caught in it. After this, the Dwarf God will shake the cloth, sending the captain flying. The captain can struggle out of the cloth before the Dwarf God squeezes them out, causing them to drop the cloth and shake their hand, giving time to attack before it picks the cloth up again and continues attacking.
  • Grab: the Dwarf God will attempt to swipe any Pikmin or captains directly in front of it, before throwing them back to the ground, causing them to die if they aren't Rock Pikmin.
  • Stomp: the Dwarf God will stand up and begin erratically stomping around the arena, burying Pikmin through its inconsistent movement.
Giant of Botany

The Giant of Botany drops pellets and nectar when attacked. After five attacks, the Giant steps on the active captain and instantly kills them and must be carried back to the ship. If the ship is unavailable, such as if the survey drone is used, then the captain will be carried to the Onion to become a Leafling.