Rusty Pipeworks

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Rusty Pipeworks is the 17th cave in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. It is required to go to Stump Grotto and Maroon Maze first before you can access this cave.

Sublevel 1


This sublevel is small but packed with enemies. Don't let the blowhogs distract you while you are attacking the wollywogs, and you'll be fine.

Sublevel 2


This sublevel always has the same layout. The water level rises and lowers in this sublevel, and you need Orange Pikmin to knock down a stone gate blocking the exit. Tread carefully.

Sublevel 3


There are three large crates here. One contains the key, however, the other two contain Blue Bulborbs that are awake and hungry. This is entirely based on luck.

Sublevel 4


This sublevel seems very calm, with only a harmless (but very annoying) Puffy Blowhog to deal with. However, there are many hidden dangers around, and they can be hard to spot. Always keep your eyes open, and find the key-holding Pearly Clamclamp.

Sublevel 5

A rest sublevel! There are a few Lapis Lazuli Candypop Buds and a Spotty Candypop Bud here to help.

Sublevel 6


You have defeat every Toady Bloyster on this sublevel to move on. The Mamuta can be annoying, so take it out first.

Sublevel 7


You land at the edge of what appears to be a giant fishbowl. Take your Blue Pikmin and jump in. It is filled with Wogpoles, except for a hungry, predatorial fish called the Mawcuda. It eats the wogpoles until it notices you. Despite its fearsome appearance, it is quite cowardly, running away after its health goes down to half. It is easy to defeat when it runs away. The Mawcuda has the key.

Sublevel 8

Another rest sublevel. There is a Queen Candypop Bud and tons of nectar.

Sublevel 9 (Final Floor)


A Ranging Bloyster dominates the last sublevel. It will chase after your current captain. However, you can trick it by moving your other captain behind it and attacking its gills. Repeat this tactic until it is dead. When it dies, it drops a skateboard wheel, which allows the captains to move faster.