Frost Cavern

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The Frost Cavern is most likely the second cave you will enter in Dunes of Forever. This cave has an assortment of enemies, and you find Cyan Pikmin here. It is covered in snow and has many treasures, which a bit of them will be buried underground. Use your pikmin to your best advantage.

Sublevels: 7

Treasures: 15

Sublevel 1

Treasures: 3

Sublevel 2

Treasures: 1

  • Frost Generator X 2

Sublevel 3

Treasures: 2

  • Electric Node X 4
  • Frost Generator X 4

Sublevel 4

Treasures: 3

Sublevel 5

Treasures: 2

  • Water Pond X 1
  • Fire Vent X 3

Sublevel 6

Treasures: 3

  • Water Pond X 1
  • Electric Node X 2

Sublevel 7

Treasures: 1

  • Heat Temperizer (Fire Gem(Pokemon Black/White)/Upgrade) 100 pokos (20 pikmin)

After Defeating the boss, the Empress Bulblax will drop this upgrade. This item will help form the Heat Satchel, which allows captains to come in contact with Ice enemies or Frost Generators without freezing.