Shadowy Grotto

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Pikmin: Rediscovery
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Rediscovery, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
Shadowy Grotto
Location Right of world map, volcano
Pikmin discovered Rock Pikmin, Umber Pikmin
Fruits 16
Hazards Electricity, fire, lava, water

Shadowy Grotto is the second area accessible in Pikmin: Rediscovery. It is unlocked by rescuing Charlie from a Red Bulborb in Reawakening Grove. This area is a huge, volcanic plain that resembles the Forest Navel in Pikmin 1, only with a huge amount of light coming from the Common Glowcaps here. There are a lot of enemies that hide in the shadows, waiting to snack on Pikmin. Rock Pikmin and the new species of Umber Pikmin are discovered here. There are sixteen fruits here, but some are accessible only once Carmine Pikmin, which are lava-resistant, are discovered.

When coming to this area for the first time, Brittany is lost after a crashlanding, and is fairly deep within the area. She sends messages through the KopPad as she is neared and more parts of the grotto are explored.