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Soundwave has a page, and it's probably pretty good.
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Greetings! No Autobots allowed from this point!

Hello. I am Soundwave. I joined this fanon wiki a little over a year ago, if I can recall at the time I'm writing this (February 2024). When I first joined, it was mainly to look up stuff for Pikmin 2: New Year. After seeing how bare the page was, I did some edits for it, and that's where I kind of found my hobby of editing and writing on this fanon. I do some cleanup here, mainly finding lost files, moving articles, and fixing up the family articles. Once I finish up the family articles, my biggest project will be moving hundreds of old Pikmin Wikia Fanon articles to here. It's a daunting task, but someone with nothing better to do has to do it, and it's going to be me. Thanks Cheepy, for the user template by the way. I'm not good at this

My fangames

I have some fangames. Mainly, Pikmin: Decayed Leaf, and Pikmin: Pitstop. They are jam-packed with content, which means they'll take a while. Hopefully, I can finish up Pitstop first, and become one of the very few people to actually have a completed fanon game on this site. I think only Cheepy has achieved that so far. Aside from that, I do have some other games planned, like a fighting game, and an RPG game. Hopefully I can work on them in the near future.

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