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Can you survive the extremes of PNF-404?
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Pikmin 44
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Rating E for everyone
Genre Action, adventure, real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Nintendo
Creator PurpleHeadache

Pikmin 44 is a fanon Pikmin game made by PurpleHeadache. It takes place after the events of Pikmin 4.



Back on Giya, the Rescue Corps receive yet another distress message originating from PNF-404. The message was sent by three intrepid explorers from Koppai who had recently been sent out on a mission to secure fruit for their starving home planet. Unfortunately for them, Collin and Shepherd were the only available Rescue Corps officers. So with heavy hearts, they set out to save the Koppaites. After a long journey through space on the S.S. Shepherd, they finally begin to enter the planet's atmosphere when something goes horribly wrong! The S.S. Shepherd suddenly collides with an unidentified object that didn't appear on the radar. As chance would have it, the S.S. Shepherd initiated its landing sequence right into the path of the Koppaites' S.S. Drake. The collision between the two ships caused both to spiral out of control and crash land back onto PNF-404.

Exploration Day 1

Collin wakes up in a pool of shallow water surrounded by jet-black rock formations. It's hot and he is struggling to move in his confusion. He has landed in the Molten Crater. After a second, he snaps out of his trance and begins his search for Captain Shepherd. Unfortunately, she is nowhere to be found, but amid his search, he stumbles upon something familiar sticking above the water's surface: a Blue Onion. When he approaches it, it springs to life and ejects a singular seed. Collin has dealt with Pikmin before, however, he has never actually commanded them. He warily plucks the seed and tries to remember how to control his squad, via a tutorial. Once he has finished growing his initial Pikmin numbers, he will be able to push a cardboard box out of the way and progress forward. After fighting off some Wolpoles, he stumbles across a crashed ship he has never seen before. Lucky for him, it appears operational. After some thinking, he decides to use the ship to leave the planet's surface for the night in order to avoid nocturnal predators. While in his ship, Collin familiarizes himself with its controls and uses the radar in order to search for the nearest distress signal. His next location is a place called Arduous Bluff, where he hopes to reunite with Captain Shepherd.

Exploring Arduous Bluff

At the dawn of the next day, Collin lands the ship in Arduous Bluff, a rocky cliffside overlooking a steep descent into the open ocean below. He gathers his Blue Pikmin and follows the signal. On his way, he encounters the first cave, the Cave of New Landings. Shortly after, he stumbles upon a Yellow Onion. After building a steady population of Yellow Pikmin, he is able to break down an electric gate and reveal yet another cave, The Snuffin Nest. The signal he has been following leads directly into the cave. Although he is wary, he believes the captain may be waiting for him in the cave, so, against his better judgment, he decides to jump in. After a few sublevels of fighting off Downy Snuffins, he reaches the final sublevel. Here, he finds a giant bird's nest filled with eggs and what looks to be a castaway. As he approaches, she reveals herself to be one of the Koppaites that he was meant to save, Brittany. She explains how she was attacked by a giant creature that brought her back to its nest, where she has been trapped ever since. Before they are able to share stories, all the eggs around them begin to hatch and they must fight off several more Downy Snaggins before finally exiting the cave. Once on the surface, they are surprised once again by a Burrowing Snuffin. Brittany exclaims that this is the same creature that dragged her into the cave, and together they fight it off. Once it is defeated, they return to the ship and take off as soon as night falls. While on the ship, they exchange stories on the events of their crash landing. Apparently, the Koppaites had never sent out a distress signal in the first place. On top of that, when they were about to leave the planet with all the fruit they had gathered, their ship crashed into the S.S. Shepherd, which appeared invisible on their radar. Confused, Collin and Brittany try to piece together what could have transpired. They decide to investigate the area where Collin found their mysterious ship in order to hopefully find answers.

Exploring the Molten Crater

Upon landing in Molten Crater for the second time, Brittany and Collin will discuss how they can split up to cover more ground. Now that they have Yellow Pikmin, they will be able to break down an electric gate that blocks that path to the Red Onion. Now with Red Pikmin in tow, they can explore a larger area of Molten Crater by crossing the various lava pools that dot the landscape. Eventually, they make their way to the top of the hill by battling the Decorated Cannon Larvae that block the path forward. Once all are defeated, the Decorated Cannon Beetle atop the mountain will reveal itself, and a rough battle ensues. Once defeated, the Decorated Cannon Beetle launches Louie out of its blowhole. Confused, Collin and Brittany walk up to the sleeping castaway and wonder who he might be. As they approach him, Collin recognizes who they just saved and informs Brittany about his previous actions. They come to the conclusion that the ship they piloted must have belonged to Louie before he was swallowed by the beast they had just fought. They command the Pikmin to carry his body back to the ship and continue on with the rest of the day. Once they lift off for the day, Collin explains that they'll need 3,000 units of sparklium in order to expand their range and continue the search for the other captains. If that amount has already been collected, they will receive a new distress signal from Twisting Treetops and determine to venture there the next day.

Exploring Twisting Treetops

In the morning, Louie awakens to find two people he doesn't recognize controlling his company's ship. Before he gives them a chance to explain themselves, he attempts to run but is quickly tackled by Brittany while she insists he gives her answers. He doesn't say anything, but he reluctantly agrees to help them find the others. As the three of them explore Twisting Treetops, they stumble upon the Winged Onion, alongside the S.S. Drake, which seems to be in working condition. Brittany concludes that Alph must be nearby if the Drake survived the crash, so they continue their search. Eventually, they enter the Foregone Timber and make it to the bottom, where they battle a Beady Long Legs. After its defeat, they reach the ground floor of Twisting Treetops and continue their search. In order to continue forward they will need the help of Jungle Pikmin to bypass thorny brambles. They can find the Jungle Onion nearby. They then follow the distress signal into another cave, Bulblax Burial Grounds, where they have to fight through several boss Bulblaxes until they reach the final floor. This floor is littered with thorny brambles and various deceased Bulborbs. What appears to be a Sovereign Bulblax in the center reveals itself to actually be a Predatory Mireclops when approached. After defeating it, Alph will be rescued and the leaders finish the day with the S.S. Drake in tow. Alph tells the crew that he has deduced something from his research on the events of the crash. It seems like someone had tampered with their radar, causing the crash. Just as he finishes speaking, the crew loses track of the Hocotate Ship, which was being piloted by Louie. It seems as though he has left the three of them with the S.S. Drake. Collin explains that they will need 8,000 Sparklium total to reach the next area, Concrete Moorland.

Exploring Concrete Moorland

After pondering the inexplainable actions of Louie, the crew safely lands in Concrete Moorland. They follow the signal until they reach an ice wall blocking their path. It appears as if they will need to find Ice Pikmin in order to continue forward. So, after a bit of exploring and fighting off enemies, they find the Ice Onion within a giant building. Afterward, they backtrack to where they first landed, and, with the help of Ice Pikmin, unveil the Saline Sewage System. Upon entering, they quickly find an Ivory Candypop Bud, which they utilize to add White Pikmin to their roster. After fighting through several sublevels with poisonous enemies, they reach the final sublevel. After defeating the boss, they find that Shepherd was held hostage in its lair alongside a White Onion. After returning to the surface, they continue exploring until the day ends. Collin explains that 15,000 Sparklium is needed to expand the S.S. Drake's range into the next area, Blustering Tributary, where they will hopefully find the last crash victim, Captain Charlie,

Exploring Blustering Tributary

While following the trail of the final distress signal, the crew runs into a roadblock. A giant crystal wall blocks their path forward. They decide to explore the area for other options. After crossing the river, they run into a Rock Onion, which allows them to shatter crystal walls as well as defeat the plethora of crystal enemies that call Blustering Tributary their home. With the help of their new Rock Pikmin, they continue toward the distress signal, where they encounter the entrance to the Illuminated Tunnel. However, despite the name, its tunnels seem quite dark. While exploring its sublevels, the group uses glowcaps to light the way forward. These glowcaps seem to scare the Phosbats that inhabit the cave. Once they reach the final sublevel, they encounter a large beast called the Vehemoth Phosbat. With the help of both Rock Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin, they are able to defeat the beast, which subsequently barfs up Captain Charlie. Charlie reveals that, prior to being eaten, he had met up with a fellow named Captain Olimar from Hocotate, who was looking for his lost coworker named Louie. The crew immediately recognizes the names and asks for more information. Based on the limited knowledge Charlie could recall, the crew infers that Olimar was heading towards Dusty Abandon. They presume that Louie might be nearby as well. With the help of 25,000 Sparklium, they will be able to set off toward the final main area, Dusty Abandon.

Exploring Dusty Abandon

As the crew initiates the landing sequence to enter Dusty Abandon, something goes horribly wrong. The S.S. Drake begins to be pulled towards the surface at an unstable angle. A golden-colored goo can be seen from out the window latching onto the ship. The crew tries to figure out what went wrong but it's too late. The S.S. Drake crashes into the town section of Dusty Abandon. Unfortunately, this means the ship is out of commission. Alph and Collin volunteer to stay behind and fix the Drake while the rest of the crew starts to explore. As luck would have it Brittany, Charlie, and Shepherd stumble upon the S.S. Shepherd in perfect condition on a rickety patio. Afterwards, they decide to venture into the large structure past the patio and they encounter a Desert Onion, which they use to grow Desert Pikmin. With the help of the Desert Pikmin, they are able to walk across the shifting sands and access the cave Deeper Dunes. After exiting, they end up in the other section of Dusty Abandon, the desert section. They contact Collin and Alph and find out that they finished fixing up the S.S. Drake. They then find a new base and call the Drake over. A little after the crew starts exploring, they receive a distress signal from none other than Olimar himself coming from atop a dead tree stump. Using the help of the Desert Pikmin, they are able to get onto the tree and enter the cave Formidable Oak. On the second floor of the cave, they find Olimar, however, a mysterious life-form appears and begins to chase them. It seems as though it will stop at nothing to take Olimar from them. Once they safely get Olimar back to the ship, they can leave the cave and they reach the surface. However, the mysterious lifeform turns into the Plasm Wraith and tries to take Olimar back one more time. A fight ensues and the Plasm Wraith is defeated. The crew rescues Olimar and brings him back to their ship. Once he awakens he tells them that they have to go back to Molten Crater the next morning in order to find and save Louie. Although a bit surprised, they all agree and decide to set off for Molten Crater tomorrow. Little do they know that a trail of golden goo follows behind the flight path of the S.S. Drake...

Looking for Louie

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