Ice Cavern

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Ice Cavern
Goal Defeat enemies
Difficulty Moderate
Sublevels 5
Time limit 200
Red Pikmin 30 Ultra-spicy spray 2
Cyan Pikmin 20 Ultra-bitter spray 1
Blue Pikmin 25

The Ice Cavern is a cave-based Challenge Mode stage consisting of five sublevels. To start, thirty Red Pikmin, twenty Cyan Pikmin, and twenty-five Blue Pikmin are provided to combat the fire, ice, and water hazards present.

Sublevel 1


Eighteen Snow Bulborbs linger here.

Sublevel 2


Two Fiery Bulblaxes and Watery Bulbears linger here. A Frozen Goolix is also present.

Sublevel 3


A set of twelve Snow Bulborbs lingers here along with two Hairy Bulborbs and a Cyan Power Parasite. Be careful when the Cyan Power Parasite latches onto something.

Sublevel 4


Five Icy Blowhogs and one Watery Bulbear lurk on this sublevel.

Sublevel 5


Two Hydro Mamutas circle the arena until the leaders and Pikmin approach them, prompting them to attack. When both Hydro Mamutas are defeated, their carcasses disappear in a puff of smoke, and the Shaggy Long Legs drops from the ceiling while the smoke clears. Defeat the Shaggy Long Legs, and the escape geyser will rise from the ground.