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Shaggy Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Appearance in Pikmin 3, tropical variant.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia capillum
Family Arachnorb

The Shaggy Long Legs is an arachnorb that has masses of long, shaggy hair covering several parts of its body. Its color scheme depends on the climate it dwells in; its tropical variant is black and purple and its arctic variant is black and white. This species of arachnorb does not stop to rest but does stop to shake off Pikmin, which can climb the Shaggy Long Legs' legs and pluck its hairs to open it to attack. It strongly resembles a Baldy Long Legs after being stripped of its hair.

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, a golden variant of the Shaggy Long Legs is fought alongside a golden Baldy Long Legs in the final stage of Olimar's Comeback. It behaves identically to the normal variety, with the only differences being its coloration and its much wider feet.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin 2... Again?

What if it was another story...?
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Darryl Omg.
Shaggy Long Legs P3 Shaggy Long Legs icon.png
P3 Shaggy Long Legs.png
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia capillum
Family Arachnorb
Weight N/A
Hazards Blunt force icon.png

The Shaggy Long Legs is a returning arachnorb boss appearing in Pikmin 2... Again?. It resembles its previous incarnation, a giant spider with long black hair on its abdomen, purple fuzz on the joints of its four dark gray legs, and flat feet with three separate nails, overall resembling the Beady Long Legs. The Shaggy Long Legs, however, lacks a hairless variant, due to the Beady Long Legs's appearance. The Shaggy Long Legs acts like other arachnorbs, stomping about the arena, crushing any Pikmin and leaders it happens to stomp on. However, Rock Pikmin will only be partially buried, a state they can recover from by themselves. The Shaggy Long Legs' hair prevents damage to its abdomen, requiring pulling the hair from its 8 joints to cause the hair on its abdomen to fall off, rendering it vulnerable.

In Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs

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Breadbugs are invading!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Shaggy Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia shagges
Family Arachnorb
Areas Arctic Territory
Caves None
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Shaggy Long Legs is an arachnorb appearing as the boss of the Arctic Territory in Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs. Initially concealed beneath the snow in its arena, it reveals itself by lifting its legs out of the ground and then pulling the rest of itself up using them, then shaking its body free of the snow that collected on it. As it stomps about ceaselessly, the creature may employ an attack wherein it jumps out of view and attempts to land on Captain Olimar and Pikmin. This is deadly, particularly to Pikmin underneath of its feet, as they will be crushed, and knock away those beside its feet a fair distance, but is not without consequences; upon landing, the Shaggy Long Legs' legs will become embedded in the snow up to its lower joints, temporarily immobilizing the creature and opening it to attack while it struggles to free itself. Upon doing so, it suddenly leaps out of the ground, knocking back every Pikmin nearby and crushing any Pikmin its feet land on. Having Pikmin climb its legs and remove its hairs is the only way to harm it, and after taking enough damage, the Shaggy Long Legs will rampage by stomping its feet at a rapid pace for some moments before calming. Upon defeat, it convulses before plunging its body into the ground, its partially-buried legs protruding into the air and its body irrecoverable.

In Pikmin: Decayed Leaf

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"You… your evil subordinate, your greedy boss, and this invasive Pikmin infestation will all die here TODAY!!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Decayed Leaf, a fanon game created by Soundwave.
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Shaggy Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia capillum
Family Arachnorb
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes Pikmin, summons enemies
The President? Wait, that’s just an arachnorb! Destroy it! – The ship, upon discovering the Shaggy Long Legs

The Shaggy Long Legs is a boss in Pikmin: Decayed Leaf. The creature resembles most arachnorbs of its species, as its main body is a large orb. This orb is covered in a massive coat of thick, long hair which completely covers the orb. Four black legs hold up the orb of the arachnorb, with patches of hair being located on each joint of each leg segment. Depending on where the beast is found, the color of the hair and orb can vary, from red, to black, to white, and even gold.

The Shaggy Long Legs can either be found stomping around the area in a set pattern, or out of view, where it will fall into the arena and slam its feet on the ground when approached. The giant arachnorb will slam its feet into the ground in a set pattern, occasionally stopping to rest for a few seconds. Due to their hair, they cannot be damaged in any way normally. However, it can be hurt if the hair on its joints is pulled out. Each time a joint hair is fully pulled out, the creature will stop and shake its legs. The more hair the joints lose, the more that the main orb of the boss will lose. Once all hair is lost on a Shaggy Long Legs, it will become a Baldy Long Legs

The Shaggy Long Legs can be tricky to take out. The only way to hurt the boss is by sending Pikmin up its legs to attack the leg joints. This makes Fur Pikmin the best-suited option, as they can remain latched onto the leg. Snapdragon Pikmin can also quickly burn off hair with their deadly fire-breathing attack. No matter what type is used, the only way to take out a Shaggy Long Legs is by destroying the hair on the leg joints first to reduce it to a Baldy Long Legs.

In Overlord mode, the Shaggy Long Legs will occasionally shake Ujadani from its thick hair.


  • P3 Data file icon.png Data file #1: Pluck the hair off the joints first to damage the boss!

Olimar's notes

An infestation of insects will infect virtually all Shaggy Long Legs. This is beneficial for them, however, as most of the bugs are essentially free groomers and free food for them. The arachnorb beast will grow a large coat of fur to keep warm during the winter, which it will never shed. So if this hair were to be lost, it would never grow back. This is why the Baldy Long Legs is classified as a different species. The arachnorbs are definitely a strange case indeed.

Louie's notes


President’s notes

If only I had hair like this guy! I’d just have to have no bugs in my hair like him. I’d become a supermodel! I already have a chiseled body and a rich empire!

Overlord’s thoughts

Somebody get this arachnorb a barber. I’m just kidding, they need that coat to live, I’m pretty sure. It’s strange to think that they grow that hair so quickly...