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Water spout The icon used to represent this obstacle.

Water spouts, previously known as water geysers or simply geysers, are generally useful obstacles appearing as fountains of water.

In Pikmin 1, geysers are usually dormant and must be unblocked by Pikmin. Active spouts bubble and will send leaders, but not Pikmin, flying into the air to a specific location upon walking over them.

In Pikmin 2, geysers are much larger, and their purpose is a means of returning to the surface; leaders and Pikmin jump into the water, propelling them upwards, out of the cave.

In Pikmin 3, geysers propel both leaders and Pikmin upwards to a specific location. They are always active but are sometimes clogged by small crystals.

In Pikmin 4, spouts are dangerous in that they occasionally spew water and can drown Pikmin while doing so. Its range is marked by the floor around it being wet. When destroyed, it will no longer function. Air outlets take the previous role of water geysers.

In Hey! Pikmin, geysers are wider jets of water that move at specific intervals. By walking on them, they will move leaders and Pikmin up and down like an elevator.

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