League Guardian

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikimon, a fanon game created by Lazer.
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The League Guardians are characters in Pikimon that must be defeated in a Pikimon battle before Pikmania's Champion can be challenged.

Grub is a plump Hocotatian that specializes in members of the grub-dog family. His Pikimon are:

  1. Red Bulborb
  2. Water Dumple
  3. Fiery Bulblax
  4. Emperor Bulblax
  5. Empress Bulblax
  6. Spotty Bulbear

Lacey is a Koppaite who likes to sleep. She always wears pajamas. Her Pikimon are:

  1. Hermit Crawmad
  2. Iridescent Flint Beetle
  3. Spotty Bulbear
  4. Doodlebug
  5. Man-at-Legs
  6. Toady Bloyster

Francis, a Hocotation, has an insatiable appetite for food and power. He sits on a chair the entire battle. His Pikimon are:

  1. Raging Long Legs
  2. Emperor Bulblax
  3. Empress Bulblax
  4. Segmented Crawbster
  5. Waterwraith
  6. Ranging Bloyster

Victoria is a skinny Koppaite who dresses in black, with a pink scarf. She has white cuffs at the ends of her sleeves and also likes spiders. Her Pikimon are:

  1. Munge Dweevil
  2. Anode Dweevil
  3. Fiery Dweevil
  4. Caustic Dweevil
  5. Raging Long Legs
  6. Titan Dweevil