Tranquility Garden (Pikoblitz) (Challenge Mode)

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For other locations of the same name, see Tranquility Garden.

This area is similar to the original Tranquility Garden, yet different layout-wise, enemy-wise, and in terms of treasures. There are 5 days to find the baby Overlady Bulblax instead of 3, unlike the Dunes of Forever.

Pikmin Found

Total: 90

Subarea 1: The Landing Site

This is where you land, hence the name. There are Candypop Buds in this area. The amount depends on what Pikmin you have discovered. Some of these buds will not be here if the corresponding Pikmin has not been discovered in the recent file. There are no harmful enemies here.

Treasures: 4

Hazards: None

Subarea 2: The Fertile Valley

This subarea is the biggest part of this altered Garden. In fact, the Overlady Bulblax is located in a small space here, hidden behind a wooden, poison-covered bramble gate. Again, there are candypop buds that appear if you have discovered White Pikmin and Purple Pikmin. There are some enemies to fight, but there are some advantages to coming here.

Treasures: 3

Hazards: Poison

Subarea 3: Pond of Not Much Peace

This subarea, hence its name, consists of water and harmful enemies. Not much else to it.

Treasures: 1

Hazards: Water

Subarea 4: Where The Boss Lurks

Yes, just like Pikmin 1, this area has an actual aboveground boss. Not much else to it, supposedly.

The Aqua Long Legs will NOT appear in a pool of water but buried in the ground. So, Blue Pikmin are not needed for this fight. However, if you do not have Yellow Pikmin, having some Ultra-spicy spray could be useful.

Treasures: 3

Hazards: Fire, Water


Total Pokos: 410