Bulbear Stronghold

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Bulbear Stronghold
Location Salvation Site
Sublevels 11
Treasures 17
Hazards Fire, Water, Electricity, Acid

The Bulbear Stronghold is a cave in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. It is the last cave in the Salvation Site, and is only accessible when Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Pikmin are obtained.


Sublevel 1

The sublevel is a large maze, with the enemies scattered about. Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborbs make their debut in this level. The Delicious Tablet is held by one of the Red Bulborbs.

Sublevel 2

The room is large and circular. Both Blue Bulborbs reside at the center, the other enemies are around the bulborbs. One of the blue Bulborbs holds the Damp Tablet, the sole Dwarf Red Bulborb holds the Crystalized Body.

Sublevel 3

Another circular room, except it's smaller and has two different corridors leading to another small, circular room. The Red Bulborb and Dwarf Fiery Bulblax are in the smaller room. The Hard Tablet is held by one of the Yellow Bulborbs, one of the Dwarf Blue Bulborbs holds the Crystallized Soul.

Sublevel 4

The sublevel is made up of several small chambers. The Sour Tablet is held by the Green Bulborb, the Vibrant Ring is held by the Fiery Bulblax, and the Crystallized Spirit is held by the Dwarf Yellow Bulborb.

Sublevel 5

The sublevel is large and square. As an added treat, the Queen Candypop Bud will flash green in addition to red, yellow, and blue. After the Advance Candypop Bud has been used, the Stellar Point will be revealed directly under the bud.

Sublevel 6

The sublevel is a floating iron platform, with several holes in the platform. The Aqua Ring is held by the Watery Bulblax, the Crystallized Mind is held by the Dwarf Green Bulborb.

Sublevel 7

The sublevel is an outside area, with several small objects scattered about. The Conductive Ring is held by the Supersonic Bulblax, the Comettail is held by the Bulbmin. The chances of getting any type of Bulbmin is not guaranteed, see here for details.

Sublevel 8

The sublevel is a large arena, with two small chambers on the side. The Dwarf Bulbears are in the small chambers. The pH Ring is held by the Acidic Bulblax.

Sublevel 9

The Enhanced Bar is held by the Dwarf Darkfreeze Bulbear.

Sublevel 10

The Darkfreeze Poison Essence is held by the Darkfreeze Bulbear.

Sublevel 11

Remember, the Red, Green, and Darkfreeze Bulbear will follow the Giga Bulbear. The Giga Bulbear holds the Bronze Key, and the Ancient Writing is held by the Darkfreeze Bulbear.