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Family Unknown

Epoch is a malevolent, evil being bent on destroying all life, which it is more than capable of doing.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Redemption

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Epoch The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Burns and converts Pikmin, destroys all life

Epoch, known also as the Void, is the final boss of Pikmin: Redemption. It threatens the existence of the multiverse. When Omnis reaches half-health, Epoch reveals its crimson eye and proceeds to suck in everything around in. The last to be pulled in are the Pikmin and Omnis.

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then the gods created two crystals, one of the light, and one of the dark. The light crystal created the universe from memories the gods had given it. The dark crystal proceeded to create the Void, the force that would end all when the time came. In that Void was created the Angel of Death, an incredible force that would consume the universe into the Void and then destroy the Void, creating a world without life or death. However, the gods deemed this force too powerful and proceeded to seal it away until the universe grew too powerful. Trapped in the Void Sphere, the force could do nothing, and its mind grew increasingly more twisted and unstable with time. Countless years later, another being came across the Angel of Death. Pitying it, he gave it a choice. "Work for me, or be trapped frozen in your prison forever." The Void quickly made a decision, and off it went to work for its savior. When the being asked the Angel of Death's name it simply said, "My creators did not endow me with a name. They created me to be their Angel of Death. You may call me what you want." The being quickly thought up a name. "The Angel of Death? Your shining moment shall bring about a new age, a new era. And so, I will call you Epoch."

After being pulled into the Void Sphere, the Pikmin awaken in a circular chamber with no exits except for the closed portal behind them. A horrifying screech is heard, and the source, Epoch, a hideous creature, reveals itself by springing forth from a supernova and absorbing Omnis. Epoch will then proceed to attack the Pikmin in four different ways. Its unavoidable flare attack consists of its eye turning orange and a ball of light forming in front of it. The ball of light soon glows red and explodes, temporarily bathing the area in an unbearably intense light that ignites any Pikmin that are not Red Pikmin. Its breath of darkness consists of its eye turning black and converts all Pikmin affected by it into Demon Pikmin, but can be avoided by fleeing. In its supernova attack, Epoch suddenly pauses in place and hides itself behind its wings so they touch at a point. A ball of darkness grows from this point and eventually explodes, destroying the Rift Sphere and those inside. To avoid this attack, the ball of darkness must be entered; in doing so, Epoch will notice that the Pikmin have disappeared into it, and enter it too, allowing the fight to continue. Failing to avoid this attack triggers a cutscene showing the Pikmin being ripped apart into mere particles, and the rest of the universe being pulled into the Void. Epoch's hypernova attack is its most visually spectacular one, but can not be avoided, and can only be executed once. Upon execution, stars form around Epoch, which then disappears, and a cutscene shows a comet colliding with and destroying every planet in the solar system except Earth, and then colliding into the sun, causing it to explode into a supernova that shatters the remaining planet apart. This attack endangers the lives of every Pikmin with every hazard, making a fully-upgraded whistle crucial in saving their lives.


A sample of Epoch's boss theme.

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