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Light is a usually nonfatal hazard that, as the name suggests, is a type of energy taking the form of a glowing formless mass radiating from various objects and creatures. Light is a natural element, like water, and as such, its lethality ranges between sources. Some forms of light merely stun or panic Pikmin but others may have the capability to instantly kill them. Light can also change the temperature of the surrounding environment and improve or impair visibility in it. Additionally, a lack of light on PNF-404's surface, beginning at sunset, prompts nocturnal predators to begin actively hunting for prey. The absence of light is referred to as darkness.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Neo

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Neo, a fanon game created by Glubfubb.
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Light appears in Pikmin: Neo. It is similar to magnetism and wind as, while it is not usually directly fatal, it can cause interruptions that themselves can be. Light itself is harmless, as the sun could be considered a source of light that doesn't harm Pikmin. When concentrated, however, light can either scatter or induce panic in Pikmin. For example, Flashstools use light as a defense mechanism to induce panic while Gleaming-Eye Bulborbs stun their prey by flashing concentrated light onto them. Light can be concentrated enough to instantly vaporize Pikmin, such as in the case of the Pulsating Jellystick, which creates a potent aura of light when agitated. Light can also be helpful, as items such as prisms and plants such as Reflecting Shinestools can respectively provide and redirect concentrated light needed to interact with certain devices. Plasma Pikmin are immune to the negative effects of light and therefore should be the ones used to fight light-wielding lifeforms.