Chamber of Poison

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Chamber of Poison
Location Forest of Peace
Sublevels 8
Treasures 7
Hazards Oil/Mud, Fire, Water, Poison

The Chamber of Poison is the fourth and final cave in the Forest of Peace. The player first finds White Pikmin and Bulbmin here. Although it is the fourth cave found, it is likely the third to be explored, because the third cave, Medusa's Lair, is blocked by a poison gate. Be careful, as you don't have anything to filter the poison yet, unlike other games.


Sublevel 1

There is no real strategy here, just kill everything and collect the Solar Tear. Once you collect it, however, you will notice a certain effect on your Red Pikmin...

Sublevel 2

Be careful for the green dwarf, it is larger than a regular dwarf bulborb and can rally an army of the latter. Once you kill it, collect the Pink Heart. There is no guarantee that you will get a regular bulbmin clan, please see the section on the subject.

Sublevel 3

Two of each Dweevil you can fight. No treasure here.

Sublevel 4

This is where you find White Pikmin. Buried in the ground nearby is the Double Donut Glory

Sublevel 5

Be cautious of the Dwarf Orange Bulborb, as they will likely hear you coming. One of the yellow bulborbs has the Giga Mug.

Sublevel 6

The dynamic duo can destroy your squadron if you are not careful. If you target one immediately, you shouldn't have to worry too much about the other. The Mechaborb has the Ultimate Cutlery.

Sublevel 7

Just like the first level, kill everything. The Orange Bulborb has the Mysterious Tablet.

Sublevel 8

This enemy is tricky, but it is worth it. If you manage to kill it, you get the Radioactive Detector.