Serpent Garden

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator, a fanon game created by Portal-Kombat.
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Serpent Garden
Location Highland Field
Sublevels 3
Treasures 4

Serpent Garden is the second dungeon located in Highland Field in Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator, past the Burgeoning Spiderworts and mold growing near the Magenta Den, which should be cleared before moving onto this dungeon. At the end of the spore patch, there are some stick bridges to build across a little pond where some Yellow Wollywogs live. Take them out and then search for a gap in the earth near there that can be snuck through which leads to a secluded little area that slopes downwards towards this dungeon. This is another three-floor dungeon, but the first two floors are very large fields crawling with weak insect enemies. The final floor's boss is the serpent of the garden, and it'll be defeated more easily with Purple Pikmin, although Red Pikmin can do the trick. Purple Pikmin will be necessary for carrying back the spoils that this boss drops, however: it'll unlock the next area, the Mountain Springs!

Sublevel 1

Unlike the Magenta Den, this is a considerably large first floor. Even more strange is the fact that the area appears to be an open field. It's a wide, circular area bordered by a wall of stones that outline the floor. There's a half-buried treasure somewhere in the dirt, so be sure to completely unearth it and carry it back. A key has concealed the way to the next floor, and that key is in the possession of a large but harmless enemy called the Puffy Blowhog, a balloon-like creature that blows wind at Pikmin, pushing them away. It can't harm them otherwise, though. Bring it down with Purple Pikmin, and bring back the key, opening the way down in the middle of the garden. As the area is explored, keep an eye out for sheargrubs and small bulborbs. The last thing of interest here is another Violet Candypop Bud. If no Purple Pikmin are lost here and the ten that were previously made are present, up to fifteen Purple Pikmin can be in the squad at once.

Sublevel 2

This time, the stone wall surrounding the area has turned into a big spiral, and the leaders land in the center of that spiral. Basically, the path here is a forwards walk, even though it feels like walking in circles. As the path is followed, there will be bulborbs that leap off from the walls to the sides to attack, as well as sheargrubs blocking the path. Creeping Chrysanthemums, big and heavy bruisers that can cut down an entire Pikmin army if they take it by surprise, are the most dangerous of all. They can be dealt with by letting Purple Pikmin give them a proper bashing. One of the treasures is a pink frosted donut that rests in the middle of the path, so that should be no trouble to find. The other is held by a tiny creature called the Skitter Leaf. It is as harmless as it sounds, and should be no problem to kill. Chase after it and defeat it, then bring back its treasure. At the end of the trail, there is a border area around the spiral where the way down is located. Run around this open area and hopefully an Iridescent Flint Beetle will be scared out of hiding and begin running about. Throwing Pikmin on top of it will cause it to flip and release nectar, and after a few more hits, a dose of ultra-spicy spray, both of which potentially aiding in the upcoming battle.

Sublevel 3

The setting is no longer a garden, but an oddly well-lit cavern. It is a chamber similar to the one on the Magenta Den's last floor, but in this first room, there are Female Sheargrubs and Skitter Leaves to contend with. Beat up the harmless but bothersome bugs in the chamber and it'll make an Iridescent Flint Beetle appear which can be flipped for nectar drops and another dose of ultra-spicy spray. When ready, bash the large bump in the wall with Purple Pikmin and it'll loosen the boulder wedged in the wall. The boulder will roll through the tunnel and break a loose piece of wall at the end of the second chamber, revealing the exit geyser. Go down the tunnel and into the second chamber. Out of the dirt in the center of the room will emerge the first boss of the game, a ruthless Burrowing Snagret! This beast is as big as it was in Pikmin 1, which is considerably larger than its Pikmin 2 counterpart. The fight will be a bit easier with Purple Pikmin, so consider using them instead of Red Pikmin. Wait for the head to come up slowly, then load some Purple Pikmin onto it for heavy damage. Once it is dead and gone, bring back the Spring Water Canister treasure and the Research Pod will relate the object to a new area of the world that can be explored the following day. Jump on the geyser to leave the dungeon.