Submerged Peninsula

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Pikoblitz 2
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The Submerged Peninsula is the fourth area in Pikoblitz 2. Although its name may suggest it, there is a lot of land in this area. Green Pikmin and Cyan Pikmin are found here. There are a few bosses here, and this area is mildly challenging.


Boss: Aqua Long Legs

Boss: Ranging Bloyster

Boss: Sausageborb

Boss: MAL 9000

Subarea 1

Like the other areas, you land here. There are a few enemies here and there is some water here, submerged in it a drain. Not much you can do about this until you have Blue Pikmin.

Items: 2

  • Grand Chime (Bell) 70 Pikmin points(15 pikmin)
  • Automatic Gear (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 180 pikmin points (30 pikmin)(Buried in ground underwater)

Hazards: Water

Subarea 2

There is more dangerous enemies here and even more water. The Cavernous Lagoon is found here. There is one item in this area that require the reach of Yellow Pikmin.

Items: 1

  • Anti-Dioxin Filter (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 120 pikmin points (40 pikmin)

Hazards: Bomb-Rocks, Water

Subarea 3

Almost all water. There are no items here, however, the Carnivore Realm is located here, but before you can enter the cave, you must build a bridge and break down a white bramble gate. Cyan Pikmin are found here, the second and final time a Pikmin with no onion is found above ground with candypop buds.

Items: None

Hazards: Water

Subarea 4

The middle of the Submerged Peninsula. Basically, it is a subarea away from water, and in it are some Burgeoning Spiderworts, if you need some sprays. Here, is the introduction of green berries, which contain Ultra-sour spray.

Items: 2

  • Geiger Counter (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 80 pikmin points (10 pikmin)(Require reach of Yellow Pikmin)
  • Jewel Sentry (Box with diamond earings) 160 pikmin points (20 pikmin) (Inside Watery Bulblax)

Hazards: Water

Subarea 5

The largest subarea. Both the Sunken Ruins and the Shady Gauntlet are located here. It is mostly water, but there is some land here.

Items: 1

  • Radiation Canopy (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 100 pikmin points (20 pikmin)


Pikmin Points

Total Pikmin Points: 710